Saturday, December 7, 2019

Revisiting the Douma False Flag & Subsequent Attacks- Plus Corbett's Report

Took the time to travel down memory lane... to the coverage HERE at the blog, when the alleged attacks took place. This was an obvious false flag and it was called just that at the time it occurred.

Syrian rebel group Jaish al-Islam accused government forces on Saturday of dropping a barrel bomb containing poisonous chemicals on civilians in eastern Ghouta, injuring more than 500

Neither the rebel group nor the Observatory mentioned any deaths.

At the time of this alleged incident it struck me as highly odd that no deaths were reported.
Not one death was reported when this incident took place.  How could that have been? 
The Israeli media was pushing and pushing on this story....

And then the boy cried wolf
As chicken little said the sky fell

I'm hoping this big lie will not be used as a pretext, however greatly that pretext is desired- especially by Israel
 No deaths until the State Department started pushing the claim that there were victims even though there had been no reports from Jaish al Islam or SOHR about any deaths in the initial reporting.
 Syrian government has stated the obvious- This never happened.  Ya know why the Syrian government is telling the truth?  Because SAA is winning this battle.  The terrorists have lost territory- Lost their footholds.   There is zero need for Syria to resort to this type of tactic.  Resorting to this will only bring  more Usrael intervention Therefore this is just more lies from the terror crowd Usrael always looking for that desired excuse..

Of course the US did use this false flag as a pretext to bomb Syria. With their partner Israel.
If you've forgotten all this, the reposts will refresh your memory

Sunday, April 8, 2018: False Flag Syrian "Chemical Attack" & Trumps "Big Price to Pay"

As readers here were reminded in real time:

 Keep in mind there is no proof that this incident occurred as claimed..
Keep in mind that it’s always trial by media. In the court of perception management.

April 08/ 18: Multiple Reports of Probable US Attack/s on Syrian Military Site/Syria

 April 09/18 :Israel Strikes Syria. US Decision For Further Strikes in 24-48 Hours

The false flag chemical attack created the smoke screen in advance of the desired Israeli move which the US absolutely knew in advance about. I’ve no doubt about that!
Verification that the US knew came after I'd written the preceding sentence via
Israel looks like they want this one and they want it badly- they didn't want Syria heading in their direction.. to impede Israel's plotting

Liberman says Israel will go it alone- I wouldn't put it past them- and will keep an eye on what's happening tonight.... Just can't put anything past Israel
Blood thirsty Israeli Protestors
"Israel informed the United States of its plans to attack in Syria overnight, two U.S. officials told NBC News on Monday morning. The officials confirmed that it was the Israeli military that carried out the strike on an air base in Syria"
 When did Israel inform the US  of the overnight attack?  A week ago? Three days ago? 

Was this planned attack the impetus for the false flag chemical attack?
 Quoting from a Ynet news article embedded the Israeli strikes post
"This Israeli attack is an indirect response on the success of the Syrian army in the removal of terror organizations from the outskirts of Damascus and from other areas in Syria," the telegram read.
"Israel's continued aggression wouldn't be possible without the US administration's absolute support, and the immunity it gives it to continue its acts of terror and to threaten peace and security in the Middle East and in the entire world."
 Jaish al Islam was Israel's terror crew. And when they were being kicked to the curb Israel responded. The false flag 'chemical attack' was concocted and tag teamers Usrael struck Syria.

In closing- as this occurred it was covered thoroughly and called that which it was- a false flag attack. It was the necessary pretext for Usrael to attack Syria. And prop up their terrorists.

That somehow this bit of truth has finally filtered to the surface... well, it was obvious anyway. 
At least to those of us that were paying attention.

Additional  Douma Related Reading 

 Below is James Corbett's latest:

Anyone who has been a long time reader here won't be the least bit surprised by the information contained in the video.


  1. Hey,

    Hope you are well. Thank you for your report. Hussein, Assad and Erdogan have all been accused of using chemical weapons and it has always turned out to be fake news. When will people stop believing these lies?

    1. I'm good Ally and you?

      When will people stop believing these lies?

      I wish it would be immediately, but.... that's not likely.

    2. I am good too. Yes, not for a long time. :(