Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Few, The Proud, The Human Trafficking Drug and Guns Smuggling Marines

Recall this?

Reality is so very different from tell a vision propaganda.

  Multiple US Marines Plead Guilty to Human Trafficking, Drugs and Weapons Charges
A total of six Marines detained during a mass arrest earlier this year have pleaded guilty and over a dozen have submitted pre-trial agreements related to their separate cases, which range from charges of drug distribution to human trafficking.

With assistance from leadership within the US Marines of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, dozens of Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agents took to the Camp San Mateo section of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, California, in July to arrest several service members accused of various crimes.   

Mass Arrest Video here

"This mass arrest, reported by Sputnik back in July, came three weeks after Lance Corporals David Javier Salazar-Quintero and Byron Darnell Law II were arrested on accusations of illegally transporting immigrants across the US-Mexico border “for financial gain.”
fox5sandiego: Camp Pendleton Marine arrested, accused of human smuggling

 16 arrests with still more afterwards

Sixteen U.S. Marines were arrested Thursday for allegations ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses, according to a statement from the Marine Corps.

2 more Marines, 1 sailor arrested in drug and human smuggling probe

 In total 19 arrested by my count. 


From earlier today, because, cold is still the absence of warmth.

Early Snow Cover Record Set for USA- Foot of Snow in 25 States: Planet Still Not On Fire


  1. Typical sacrificial bottom feeders that participate and take the heat for the real nasty guilty parties...namely DC/Soros/Pelosi/CIA et al on both sides of the proverbial (well known) divide they call democracy but I call Communism...perfectly swampy Bolshevik perverted, lawless, mafia offshoots and collaborators of the murderous/human organ thieves/drug cartels/arms selling/heart eating terrorists in Occupied Palestine Bolshevik Jews. These bottom feeders will get off with a slap and a honorable discharge...cause they will never stop their lawless penchant now or in the future. The Marines who are the most obedient bunch of the armed SERVANTS/SLAVES explains it all. Thanks Penny!

  2. I agree with wallflower. These peons were put up to their crimes by the rogues at the top of the so-called "security agencies" and military.


  3. Shades of Iraq and Abu Ghraib....the few bad apples take the fall while the higher ups face no repercussions, HOWEVER, these marines look to have perpetuated the human trafficking and the gun and drug smuggling and I don't want to lose sight of the crimes they did commit and participate in. These are not victimless crimes.

    1. I agree, the only point I was making is that the bigger part of the chain of events never get called out never mind prosecuted all the way up the latter to DC swamp/israel. After all the President is Commander and Chief but never gets the black eye. My question remains when will the bottom feeders get tired of it and mutiny? This in itself is my disgust and loathing as they are collaborators, paid-collaborators...full stop.

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    3. edited comment

      wallflower: I had no doubt we were on the same page.
      Because I agree 100 percent with you- the higher ups never get called out....

      We had a scandal in Canada with soldiers abusing children in Africa.. they made an example of a few and mostly covered up the incident.

      "the Somalia Inquiry cited problems in the leadership of the Canadian Forces"

      but what happened to the leadership?

      the quote from the report

      "Once again, history repeats itself; only the lower ranks have been made to account for the marked failures of their leaders "

      it's the same here and there- sadly

  4. No big deal they were just trying to make some extra cash for the holidays and beside Amerikas war contractors do this all over the world./s

    1. Hi jo!
      how are you doing?
      progressing, I hope?

    2. Yes slowly but on the road better time. I hope to be in better shape by next spring;-)