Tuesday, December 24, 2019

US Drone Attack Against Syrian Oil Facilities in Homs- Reminiscent of Saudi Aramaco Strikes

First read about this strike on Sunday... but couldn’t find anything else to discern if it had actually occurred or if we’re being spoon fed some more war time propaganda. Then additional reports surfaced and yes it seems that an attack did take place. Undertaken via drones launched from Al Tanf, the US occupation/terror base in Syria. The drone attack preceded the Israeli strikes on Syria by one day. Coordination?

Early report :
"SMM: local time on the evening of the 20th, Syria's Homs province, three oil and gas facilities were attacked and caught fire at the same time, resulting in serious damage to production equipment.

The three facilities attacked were inside the Homs refinery, a gas plant south of Homs and the Alrayan gas station, the Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources said in a statement. The Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources has immediately sent a team to put out fire fighting and emergency repairs to the site"
The attack has been verified by Syria’s Foreign Minister:
"Drones from the US base in Al Tanf delivered a strike against the refinery in Homs area, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said on Monday at the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
"The US, using its illegal military base in Al Tanf, sent drones to Homs and committed air strikes by them against the oil refining infrastructure. It took place four days ago," the Minister commented. "I would like to note that this occurred in winter, when we have a pressing need for oil and gas. Yesterday Israel made an attack against SAR [Syrian Arab Republic], firing a number of rockets against facilities in Damascus and the outskirts," Muallem said.                        
Syrian Foreign Minister
The Syrian oil ministry reported earlier that the attack against the refinery in Homs was made by terrorists. According to the ministry, several production units were put out of operation"

Homs refinery

 Sana: Homs Refinery still producing cooking gas despite terrorist attack

Despite being targeted by a terrorist attack on Saturday, Homs Refinery is still producing cooking gas cylinders.
Director General of Homs Refinery Company Haitham Msoker told SANA’s reporter that precautionary measures were taken as soon as the refinery was attacked and a number of units were shut down and were restarted later after controlling the fire that broke out as a result of the attack.

The drone strike in Homs brought back memories of the drone strikes at ARAMACO facilities in Saudi Arabia:
“ drones hit refineries at both Saudi sites”

“Hilal Khashan, who teaches political science at the American University of Beirut, told VOA that he suspects the drones may not have been launched from inside Yemen because the Houthis don’t have drones capable of flying as far as Saudi Arabia’s eastern province.”
The US certainly has drones capable of flying great distances... 

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  1. President Jared and his faithful lackey, Zion Don, up to their usual evil.

    1. It sure looks that way...

    2. The airstrikes and drone attacks are not working... I am wondering when they will try one of their patented and trademarked "gas attacks" once more to have gullible Americans believe the ridiculous notion that Assad "gassed his own people" once more!

  2. I knew that this type of action by the criminals in the US was going to happen... And we have them using their illegal and most criminal base at Al Tanf as the launching point for this strike..

    The US/Israel/NATO scourge are trying desperately to save their failed situation in Idlib, and they are hoping that by taking out Syria's oil, they can at least slow the SAA advances...