Wednesday, February 12, 2020

American Forces Kill Anti Occupation/Loyalist in Qamishli Syria- Conduct Round ups with SDF in Deir Ezzor

Yahoo, to the fact that Greencrow reported on US actions in Syria!
 This continued occupation, annexation and resource theft gets almost zero attention, except here and @ nomadiceveryman & @NorthernTruthseeker  (Of course there could be other places possibly covering the northeast of Syria, but, none that I'm really aware as most place prefer to advance the zionist agenda)

As was said here:  Sitrep: Remaking the Middle East- Israeli Airstrikes, Idlib: Russia and Turkey to Meet, Assassinations and UN Calls
"Idlib used to garner more coverage here, but, then it seemed to me that by doing so I was unwittingly serving the imperial agenda.... Idlib is not the only situation is Syria that needs addressing."
Of course I'd saved varying links on this most recent incident in Qamishli and also in Deir Ezzor:

Reliable source informed SOHR that a great tension witnessed in Al-Qamishli area in rural al-Hasakah. Syrian Observatory sources said that a group of regime loyalists from the residents of Khirbet Amo village, east of Qamishli, accompanied by armed men loyalists to regime forces intercepted the road of a U.S. patrol while roaming the area there.

Regime loyalists’ gunmen fired in the air, and then U.S. patrol fired smoke bombs. The incident has evolved dramatically where U.S. forces opened fire, killing a person who still unidentified to date whether he was a civilian or regime-backed militiaman.
So American Forces used live fire against these occupied persons, who don't agree with being occupied.
U.S. aircraft then flew over the area targeting eastern Al-Qamishli, amid confirmed reports that the U.S. patrol had been besieged to date. Information was received that Russian patrol headed to the scene to resolve the tension.
A civilian was martyred and other was injured when American Occupation forces opened fire on locals of the villages of Khirbet Ammo and Hamou in eastern Qamishli after they gathered near a Syrian Arab Army post while the Army was preventing American occupation vehicles from crossing.
Meanwhile, locals of Bweir al-Bouassi village threw stones at the U.S. occupation’s vehicles and they took down the US flag from above them.
SANA reporter in Hasaka said that “A Syrian Arab Army post in the area on Wednesday morning stopped four American occupation vehicles while they were crossing al-Suwais – Alaia- Khirbet Ammo road east of Qamishli city, then hundreds of locals of Khirbet Ammo and Hamou villages gathered near the post to prevent the American occupation vehicles from crossing and to force them to return from where they came”.
The reporter stated that “The American occupation soldiers fired live bullets and smoke bombs on the locals as a civilian from the village of Khirbet Ammo was martyred while another civilian from Hamou village was injured.”
In response to the attack by the American occupation forces, the locals damaged four of the occupation’s armored vehicles, while the occupation forces rushed to bring reinforcements to the area that include 5 armored vehicles, to withdraw their damaged vehicles and evacuate their personnel.
In the same context, and during the passage of a number of American occupation armored vehicles through Bweir al-Bouassi village, in the countryside of al-Qamishli city, locals of the village intercepted them and attacked the armored vehicles with stones and forced them to stop while a number of young men got on the top of one of the vehicles and took down the U.S flag from it.
Later, SANA reporter said that there is news on air assault by US occupation on Khirbet Ammo village, Qamishli countryside
The reporter added that direct clashes with light weapons erupted between the locals of the village and the U.S. occupation.
The reporter indicated that the occupation forces withdrew from the village under a cover by the U.S. warplanes.
Late last month:

And this just in:
 After returning to SDF-controlled areas, a regime soldier was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in rural Deir Ezzor

"a member of the regime forces (SAA) was killed today by gunshot of unknown gunmen, in al-Rez village in rural Deir Ezzor after he returned from regime-controlled areas to his village within the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas through Shuhayl crossing in rural Deir Ezzor"

Deir Ezzor: SDF rounds up individuals undercover of coalition over flights
  Reliable source informed SOHR that SDF, backed by International Coalition air support, carried out a raid in Al-Shabakeh neighborhood in of Al-Shuhail town in eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour, arresting two young men displaced from the village of Al-Hari in rural Albu Kamal city, taken to an unknown destination without knowing the reasons and motives for the arrest to date.

On January 31, the Syrian Observatory reported that SDF, backed by International Coalition air support, carried out a raid in Al-Busayrah city, east of Deir ez-Zor, during which four young men were arrested who were former members of the Islamic State organization. A young man was also arrested, who had defected from regime forces, for inciting to demonstrations demanding oil and improving the living condition, and one civilian said that he lost money after SDF members searched his home.
Deir Ezzor 
American Tank Conoco Oil Field Base
 A U.S. military convoy entered Conoco field this afternoon, Tuesday, from Hasakeh province, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

Our correspondent added that the military column included trucks carrying American tanks and armored vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that it is the second time in one week that US tanks have been deployed in Deir Ezzor in Conoco field base in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.


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  2. Seriously??? Only you and Nomadiceveryman have been covering the continuing struggles in northeastern Syria? How quickly you have forgotten about my articles about that continuing war of genocide and "ethnic cleansing" at my own blog....

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