Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Idlib's Fake News: Erdogan & Putin Set To Talk. Zone For Refugees Is Likely Outcome

 What is and has been occurring in the general locale of Idlib province Syria requires a near herculean effort to sort out.

Below is fake news and a fake news headline:
"Turkish troops “neutralised” 101 Syrian soldiers, Ankara said, in retaliation for the regime killing at least five Turkish soldiers and wounding five more in an attack in Idlib province on Monday"
There was no information on Syrian troop casualties yesterday and  I've still not found any today. If you have some, leave it?

What was actually claimed?
Turkish forces struck dozens of Syrian government targets in northwestern Syria on Monday after five Turkish soldiers were killed (last week) in an attack on a military base in Idlib province, the Turkish defense ministry said. 
including three tanks, two mortar positions and one helicopter, the defense ministry said in a later statement. 
"It was found that three tanks and two mortar positions were destroyed, while one helicopter was also hit."

UPDATE: As Fake News Is Tossed To the Trash
 The Turkish Defence Ministry stated on Tuesday that 51 units belonging to the Syrian Army, including two tanks, an anti-aircraft installation site and a munitions depot, have been destroyed, while one tank has been seized.

Not 101 soldiers or 101 of anything. Turkish MoD says 51 units were destroyed. 

After the strike on Turkish soldiers that occurred last week, it was clear that there had been no retaliation of any sort. Until now. Despite what ever fake news was making the rounds last week. Including, but not limited too out of context quotes and unverifiable information. 
 This was something I'd hoped to get to sooner, but, time constraints as of late have made it difficult.
Astana TRIO outposts
 Below is an article saved last week after Syrian forces killed Turkish forces in the area policed by Russia, Iran and Turkey. Remember all three parties have outposts in this region.  

We're dealing in facts not spin here.
Erdogan: "We will discuss everything, but not with anger"
"We cannot overlook these (strategic partnerships with Russia). That is why we will sit down and discuss everything (with Russia). Not in anger since it would only bring harm," Erdoğan said.

"It (the regime attack) is a clear violation of the Sochi deal," Erdoğan said, adding that the regime will pay for its actions.

"Of course there will be a cost for such actions for the (Syrian) regime. We have already said we will do whatever necessary from now on," the president said.
There will be a cost, but, that cost was not incurred until yesterday. There had been no counter move initiated until yesterday. Very suggestive that what ever actually occurred yesterday was calculated, with a cooler head, and in my opinion with Russia's knowledge and acquiescence.
 Most probably Syria was informed ahead of time of the strikes? Of course we can't know this with certainty, HOWEVER, the fact that Syria appears to have no casualties is highly suggestive of foreknowledge.
While Turkey's stance of giving time to the Bashar Assad regime until the end of February and this weekend's negotiations between the Turkish and Russian authorities may be regarded as a glimmer of hope, there is definitely some stalling in Syria.
Turkey absolutely does not want anymore refugees. They can’t afford them financially or politically. The opposition will pounce on the Erdogan led government if the refugee flood gate bursts
  • What’s the solution?
A refugee zone. Syrian territory that will become a place for the refugees to stay within the borders of Syria.  I believe much of Turkey's latest movement has everything to do with the creation of this type of area.

Keeping in mind the FACT, the REALITY, that it was Russia and Syria that moved all these people to Idlib.  Syria driving bus after bus after bus of individuals to this area. 

It seems incomprehensible to this blogger that Russia and Syria had no inkling this situation was going to 'come to a head' Both  Syria and Russia knowing full well that Turkey was never going to accept these individuals.
25,000 briquette houses on the way
He said to stem the refugee flow, Turkey is building briquette houses for displaced civilians 30-40 kilometers from the Turkish border.
"It is not possible to solve this crisis with tent cities," he said, referring to the harsh winter conditions. He added that he has also informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the situation and with Germany's support, they are planning to build 25,000 briquette houses initially.
btw: Briquette housing is a basic structure made of concrete block.
He called on the international community to assume more responsibility in Idlib. "It is not enough to appreciate Turkey's efforts. We need concrete steps."
The president said the international community, especially the European states and the U.S., have been constantly asking for information on Idlib while refusing to offer concrete support on the matter.
One would think the EU would have an interest in stemming refugees? 
Of course the US would leave this situation as is, since they've been leading the weaponized refugee parade.

Erdogan and Putin will be discussing the Idlib Situation today
MOSCOW, February 11. /TASS/. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning to hold a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation in Syria’s Idlib, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, according to NTV television.
Just the facts as best as they can be discerned.


  1. I found this short video about building briquette housing in Syria.


  2. This entire situation in Idlib has been presented falsely. Truth is the first casualty of war.
    I'm hoping cooler heads prevail. Certainly cooler heads are needed. Spreading out and out fabrications on line has really become de rigeur these days. No wonder there is so much irrationality in so many situations- frustration

    and thanks Greencrow!