Friday, February 14, 2020

Securing the M4 and M5 Highways in Syria a Blow to Turkey? Or for US/ Israel & Their "Greater Kurdistan" Plan?

The claim of "blow to Turkey" is being made in regard to the securing the two highways.  Though, it's completely out of touch with reality to my mind. You may ask- Why do you say that?  Why is this situation being viewed so differently here then elsewhere?

Let me explain.

The Year is 2018..... And the Astana Guarantors made the Idlib Agreement- In that agreement the M-4 and M-5 highways were to be reopened because it is beneficial to Iran, Syria and Turkey that this happens. 

As stated nearly two years ago:
I’ve discussed the importance of opening the M-5 as well as the M-4 highways on more then a couple of occasions here at the blog- Which may be one reason why the Idlib deal came as far less of a surprise to me then most others...
Back in 2018 many were so 'surprised' that the Idlib agreement came to fruition. But, as had been stated then, the return of Idlib to Syria had to be done with care. Perhaps it took a bit longer then expected, while raising the ire of the zionist crowd (Canthama) who became increasingly vocal and ugly as they expressed their displeasure at this accomplishment, but it looks as if it's getting done.
 "Leaks from the Astana talks, between guarantor nations in Syria (Russia, Turkey and Iran), show that questions surround how the roads would be secured and the extent of economic interest for the conflicting parties; whether it will be in the interest of the regime and the opposition or for Turkey, who the administrating force in northern Syria."
Discussions on opening the road are not limited to its economic importance. Analysts say that opening the road is a new stage in the restoration of relations between Syria and Turkey.
A member of the board of directors of the regime’s Economists Syndicate in the Aleppo countryside, Mohamed Bakour, said that the road would pave the way for the restoration of Syrian-Turkish economic relations, and pointed to the international desire to activate the international trade route from Syria. In this case more than one country who has an interest in marketing through Syria to other countries will benefit.
But the economic benefit would be bigger for Turkey than Syria, according to Jazmati, because Syria does not export anything to Turkey because of its lack of production, which has turned the country into a consumer of goods and not a producer. Therefore the biggest beneficiaries will be traders who are exporting to Syria and sending their goods to regime areas.
 Why would anyone believe that Turkey would not want these routes open? It simply doesn't make sense, when they stand to be the biggest beneficiary of their opening. At least for the time being.

"But the deal hammered out between Ankara and Moscow stipulates that two strategic highways running through the province be reopened to traffic by the end of the year, achieving a major aim of the planned government offensive without a shot being fired.

The M4 and M5 highways run from Latakia to Saraqib, and from Syria’s southern tip to the border with Turkey in the north – both have been cut off in Idlib since 2014."

 The opening of these highways is good for Iran, Turkey and Syria.  Recalling the previously mentioned trade agreement between Turkey and Syria...

  • Sitrep: Remaking the Middle East- Israeli Airstrikes, Idlib: Russia and Turkey to Meet, Assassinations and UN Call

     The content of the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed between Turkey and Syria in 2004, was published in Monday’s Official Gazette.
    The agreement is expected to come into force as of Jan. 1st, 2007.
    The agreement was signed during Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Syria on December 22nd-23rd, 2004.
    Turkey will lift customs taxes on Syrian products as soon as the agreement comes into effect while Syria will do the same for Turkish goods in a 12-year transition period.
    As for agricultural products, the parties will make reciprocal tax reductions for a series of products.
    After the agreement takes affect, Syria will lift all bans and restrictions on imports from Turkey. (UK-ULG)

Though Turkey will not take the refugees that Syria and Russia moved to Idlib. At this time based on available information it seems to me the solution will be a refugee zone.

  • Idlib's Fake News: Erdogan & Putin Set To Talk. Zone For Refugees Is Likely Outcome

    Concluding: The securing of the two highways is more of an obstruction to the Usrael remake agenda then it is to Turkey. 
    * Turkey will initially see the greater benefit from increased trade.  
    * Iran benefits via continued trade and access to the Mediterranean, where they have port facilities. 
    * Benefit will accrue to Syria as well.

    So why all the teeth gnashing and hand wringing?  Is it due to the fact the Usrael Kurdish remake is being slowed and hopefully stopped completely? And, by and large,  the opinion makers on line are zionist ( US/Israel first) in their agenda pushing?  Not all opinion makers, but, by and large.... most are.

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  1. "...Though Turkey will not take the refugees that Syria and Russia moved to Idlib. At this time based on available information it seems to me the solution will be a refugee zone..."

    My strongest memory from my trip to Turkey was the way it handled the refugees. I saw no homeless camps or evidence of dereliction or addiction on the is sadly the case here in Western cities. In the huge open markets of Istanbul the Syrians were working. It was an example to the West.

  2. I left this comment at Saker's ( I made the rare mistake of dropping by there- when Saker featured the Bookchin works, I removed the link to saker from my sidebar- ) In the column of that zio wind bag Kadi (that's my opinion)

    Hi Laika:

    Laika said : "The US, Israel, PKK terrorist run “Greater Kurdistan” (aka Israel 2.0), Daesh, FETÖ, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, along with the rest of the AngloZionist Empire (all enemies of Turkey) are the real enemy (occupiers) of the Syrian (and Turkish) people (Turkey hosts over 3.6 million Syrian refugees)."

    How is it that this fact slips the minds of so many? Of course the zionist crowd glosses over that time and time again. Preferring to present Kurds as being used -victims "Whilst America for example does not give two hoots about the Syrian Kurds" and fighters of ISIS, while ignoring entirely the live as it happens intent to create a "greater Kurdistan" or as I like to label it an Israel 2.0.

    What strikes me as vastly greater concern for the zionist crowd is the fact that the M4 and M5 highways are open, signalling further opportunities for cooperation between Turkey, Iran and Syria and an impediment in the desired goal of expanding Israel 2.0. aka Greater Kurdistan.The zio teeth gnashing has been obvious this past week.

    When the question is asked "who is Erdogan’s friends in the region?"
    Since I don't actually believe in the concept of "friends" in this context.
    Let's rephrase and ask - Why Turkey has no allies in NATO any longer?

    Could the displeasure NATO displays towards Turkey be played out through our media talking heads?
    In the battle for our minds? In the management of our perceptions?
    I'd think so.