Thursday, April 9, 2020

Wall St Flies High on Additional Stimulus- They're In the Money! Revisiting 1974.

Stocks rallied on Thursday to close out their best week since 1974

  • Stocks jumped on Thursday after the Federal Reserve announced that it would pump another $2.3 trillion into the economy, in a bid to provide relief to households and businesses as well as state and local governments. 

    *April 10/20: Was questioning why 1974 was significant? And then it dawned on me!

    Petrodollar recycling

    Johan Witteveen, the Managing Director of the IMF, said in 1974: "The international monetary system is facing its most difficult period since the 1930s."
    The IMF administered a new lending program during 1974–1976 called the Oil Facility. 

Petro dollar recycling was discussed in the previously : The Oil Price War Won’t Dethrone The Dollar

 The latest, Yes, that's another 2.3 Trillion!

Key background: The Fed has already made extreme interventions into the economy: It’s cut rates to nearly zero, stepped in to backstop a $350 billion emergency small business loan program, and purchased billions of dollars’ worth of government debt and mortgage-backed securities. In the three weeks since President Trump signed the historic CARES Act into law, as more than 16 million Americans have filed for temporary unemployment benefits, it’s clear that the $2 trillion-plus emergency rescue spending plan won’t be enough to prop up the economy 
Phase 4 Stimulus Bill
Less than three weeks after President Trump signed the historic CARES Act into law, it’s clear that the $2 trillion-plus emergency rescue spending plan won’t be enough to prop up the economy
So another 2.3 Trillion might do the trick?
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC on Thursday that he believes the U.S. economy could get back up and running next month.
From earlier today:

Being locked down provides more time to dig into the news- and find the real stuff


  1. Hi Penny - Yes, "unlimited QE," which means that the "Nazi" bankers (e.g. the BIS in Basel, the Fed) are printing 'money' for themselves with which they'll take over even more of the economy.
    That's their main objective with this stupid coronavirUS (false flag biological warfare / hoax / psy-op), which was to be blamed on China, and with which they came up at the moment the Western financial system (unlike the almost collapse in 2008) was about to collapse completely.
    (the recent oil price war, for instance, would've caused a complete collapse of the Western financial system)

    It's called ("Nazi") fascism, like in an Ashkenazi mafia run banana republic. That means abject slavery. It seems they're even working on concentration camps. The stark raving mad (Ashkenazi mafia) thugs and charlatans probably won't get away with that, but it's definitely what these (increasingly desperate) thugs and charlatans are planning for citizens of the West. See nomadiceveryman's awesome video, where he also exposes 'Moon of Alabama.'

    1. QEternity.. isn't that what has been going around meme wise?

      I did see Scott's expose of those advocating for detention centres and round up- inc Moon of Alabama aka the Loon of Alabama

      The Loon is yet to meet an elite scheme he doesn't love.

      Vaccines galore- yup
      9/11- don't question that?
      Birth Pangs in the Middle East? What Birth Pangs?
      He was a Trump pusher-
      Never questions the kurd narrative
      demonizes Turkey (including absurd claims about Turkey annexing Mosul and stating Erdogan should be overthrown)
      and on and on and on

  2. I'm adding to the post some additional information about what might have occurred in 1974 that would have had the stock market flying.... After some thought in dawned on me..
    check above