Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Coronavirus: Top Government Scientist Neil Ferguson (tested positive for Covid) resigns from SAGE after breaking lockdown rules

I don't really care who came calling. That's NOT the reason this news is being posted. 
 Though I will say apparently this woman, who has a husband and two children, was unconcerned about the "viral pandemic" Or her children's well being?

Professor Neil Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown (more then once it seems)  while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The woman lives with her husband and their children in another house.

Neil Ferguson and his outrageous computer "models" are the reason for the "lock downs" undertaken in the UK, US and Canada along with many other places.  

Ferguson had co-written a paper this month estimating 510,000 deaths in England and 2.2 million in the United States — if those countries did not take drastic actions

While another model was ignored

A widely publicized, controversial modeling study published yesterday by a group at the University of Oxford argues that the deaths observed in the United Kingdom could be explained by a very different scenario from the currently accepted one.

Ferguson walked back from his numbers. After the damage was done to us all.
Professor Neil Ferguson has resigned from the government's scientific advisory group (SAGE) after reports he broke coronavirus lockdown rules.
In a statement announcing his departure, the leading epidemiologist from Imperial College London said he had made an "error of judgement".
Neil Ferguson
As a prominent member of SAGE, his resignation represents a blow for the group and ministers he is helping guide policy around the COVID-19 pandemic.
"I accept I made an error of judgement and took the wrong course of action," he said.
"I have therefore stepped back from my involvement in SAGE.
"I acted in the belief that I was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after developing symptoms.
He did not stay isolated for the minimum two weeks. His own edicts. His own dictates.
Didn't apply to him.
It followed claims in The Telegraph that he allowed a friend reported to be his lover, Antonia Staats, to visit him at home - in breach of official rules he contributed to devising.
Simply put Ferguson got caught!
"I deeply regret any undermining of the clear messages around the continued need for social distancing to control this devastating epidemic.
"The government guidance is unequivocal, and is there to protect all of us."
Prof Ferguson's resignation comes a month after Dr Catherine Calderwood quit as Scotland's chief medical officer after making two trips to her second home.

While SAGE has around 50 members, Prof Ferguson had become one of the most prominent after featuring in some of the government's regular coronavirus briefings.
He first made headlines in mid-March when an Imperial College study, of which he was lead author, warned 250,000 people could die if the UK did not enforce social-distancing measures.
Less than a fortnight ago, Prof Ferguson said life "cannot go completely back to normal" and that social distancing would need to remain until a vaccine was developed.
Certainly Prof. Ferguson went back to normal!
Then, he warned that more than 100,000 people could die this year if the lockdown was lifted so only elderly and vulnerable people were shielded.
The lockdown to protect the vulnerable and elderly is a sick joke on all of us!  Across the globe!
Prof Ferguson said he was "very sceptical" that a scenario where the younger population resumed a normal life would be a "viable strategy".
Except for him. A normal life was viable for him.
On 18 March, he reported having the fever and cough symptoms of COVID-19 and that there was a small risk he had infected others.
Ferguson exhibited worse hypocrisy then Justin Trudeau and other "leaders", who were all bad enough!  Why, you ask? Because he was the standard bearer (a leading figure in a cause or movement.) for all the lockdowns!  It's sickening. Double standards. While the elderly and vulnerable have been the biggest victims of this virus thanks to systemic negligence. It burns me up. All of it.
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  1. Hi Penny:

    Sacrificing the sacrificial lamb...lol


    1. Sadly RT is still pushing the very idea of pandemic, while reveling in Ferguson's fall- Well deserved, of course but the question should be why his edicts should be considered credible rather, ever or even now, then worry about "undermining" them?

      "While they huddle in terror on their sofas, the great and good who think like Ferguson simply go about their business, doing as they please, ruining lives, critically undermining public health messages that now face unprecedented pressure and polishing their egos in front of the mirror every morning.

  2. Hi Penny.

    Always keeping up with your work. Don't know how u manage it. I probably only know a 'morsel' in comparison (some of that from u!) and get compounded!

    I found this video interesting and sincere. If u have the time, would be good to hear your input and from your learned commentators.


    1. Hi Abdullah!
      It's easier to do research in lock down. My husband is home as well so he helps.

      I'll check out the video- and glad you stopped by :)

    2. Abdullah- the video is gone
      what ever was there I can't see it and no one can see it
      Has it taken up residence elsewhere?
      Removed for violating YouTubes community guidlines?

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  3. This is just distraction and misdirection from the fact that the so called deadly virus does not exist and that the entire pandemic was a criminal public relations psyop. See "How to stage a fake epidemic and brainwash billions of people" by Jon Rappoport
    Tom in Mesa Arizona

    1. Hi tmcfall:

      I will read that article- thanks for leaving it.

  4. Believe me, I get your point Penny. However, I fully agree with tmcfall. Plus, I'm more shocked by the mistress thing.

    I should add that his having a wife/mother as a mistress tells you all you need to know about where his ethics are. He's not losing any sleep about being wrong with the numbers.

    1. Hi Gwen

      "I should add that his having a wife/mother as a mistress tells you all you need to know about where his ethics are. He's not losing any sleep about being wrong with the numbers."

      I agree he isn't losing sleep about anything, clearly.
      Just wanted this to stay a bit more on the fact that he's a hypocrite of the worse kind. Yes, in more ways then one, but, particularly when it comes to all the number massaging he's done and how much it has harmed the rest of us.

  5. Neil Ferguson's behavior prooves "scamdemics" reality, likely he is well informed stooge knowing the agenda well but is he really?

    I think it would be prudent to add another point of view in this pandemic situation and real potency of the virus. We are on our own to educate ourselves as the agencies such as CDC or PHC (public health canada) are constantly failing their mandate.
    The point is bio weapons. Some of those act very unpredictably from victim point of view, hard to detect and crafted to suit the plans of the elite. No, I am not trying to elevate fear factor but broadening general understanding.

    Older but still good reading: