Monday, May 11, 2020

Covid-1984 Lockdown Is a Planetary Psychological Experiment- The End Will Not Justify The Means

Sacrificed in the Name of Covid- The End Will Not Justify the Means

As my readers know the mass psychological experiment has not applied to:

 Doug Ford

Justin Trudeau. Elizabeth May, Scheer and company

 Nor did it apply to the man who brought this global insanity down on us all. With his cooked numbers.
Who had his married lover over, on more then one occasion, despite the lockdowns.  After testing positive for Covid-19. While in isolation. Social distancing did not take place.

Neil Ferguson:

*Covid Lockdown is the world's biggest psychological experiment- And we will pay the price

With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever;
Doesn't matter to the real covidiots
"This will result in a secondary epidemic of burnouts and stress-related absenteeism in the latter half of 2020;

Currently, an estimated 2.6 billion people – one-third of the world’s population – is living under some kind of lockdown or quarantine. This is arguably the largest psychological experiment ever conducted.

In short, and perhaps unsurprisingly, people who are quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of psychological stress and disorder, including low mood, insomnia, stress, anxiety, anger, irritability, emotional exhaustion, depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Low mood and irritability specifically stand out as being very common, the study notes.

In China, these expected mental health effects are already being reported in the first research papers about the lockdown.

In cases where parents were quarantined with children, the mental health toll became even steeper. In one study, no less than 28% of quarantined parents warranted a diagnosis of “trauma-related mental health disorder”.

Among quarantined hospital staff, almost 10% reported “high depressive symptoms” up to three years after being quarantined. Another study reporting on the long-term effects of SARS quarantine among healthcare workers found a long-term risk for alcohol abuse, self-medication and long-lasting “avoidance” behaviour. This means that years after being quarantined, some hospital workers still avoid being in close contact with patients by simply not showing up for work.

Reasons for stress abound in lockdown: there is risk of infection, fear of becoming sick or of losing loved ones, as well as the prospect of financial hardship. All these, and many more, are present in this current pandemic."

"In our most recent survey after two weeks of lockdown, the green portion has shrunk to 25% of the population. The “red” part of the population has increased by 10 percentage points to fully 25% of the population.
And we're in the eighth week of lock down here. Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford excluded.

"These are the people at high risk for long-term absenteeism from work due to illness and burnout. Even if they stay at work, research from Eurofound reports a loss of productivity of 35% for these workers.

In general, we know at-risk groups for long-term mental health issues will be the healthcare workers who are on the frontline, young people under 30 and children, the elderly and those in precarious situations, for example, owing to mental illness, disability and poverty.

All this should surprise no one; insights on the long-term damage of disasters have been accepted in the field of trauma psychology for decades."
It's doubtful this is a surprise. And much more likely it is desired. It's long been known that trauma has repercussions. So trauma on a global scale will have mass repercussions.
“There’s a real recognition that the mental health impacts are going to be severe,” said Margaret Eaton.
That Ontario survey also found 42 per cent of Ontario adults reported increasing their use of substances or gambling since the pandemic began.

Given the country was already facing an opioid epidemic before the pandemic, Eaton said, that finding is “a big concern” and that there are resources for people trying to understand if their substance use has become a problem.

The media, alt and main stream, should be ashamed of their heavy handed fear mongering and their role in terrorizing the populace- That these issues would presents themselves was knowable. Foreseeable.  Isolation is a huge issue. Joblessness. Family distress. Financial issues. Drug and alchohol use on the rise.
 Handling this situation in a different manner, which could have been done and should have been done would have minimized this impending tsunami of harm and destruction.

'Cause let's face the reality the lock downs did nothing to make the elderly or vulnerable safer.


  1. Journalists, along with scholars and topical specialists financed by the think tank-foundation-industrial complex, have consistently proven themselves to be either willing foot soldiers of sociopoliticoeconomic factions, or unprincipled, spineless, gold-digging careerists who leave disinterested inquiry at the door for a paycheck. Yet it seemingly never occurs to them to go on strike over being obligated to bend facts and evidence instead of willingly acting as informational terrorists for the oligarchs. Even worse, while LARPing as social critics and dissidents. It's like there are only crazies or the utterly amoral.
    As you've speculated on RT, I believe there are fifth-columnists inside CCTV, CGTN and Xinhua, because they recycle the same talking points as Five Eyes media like idiots on coronavirus, even as the Trump administration and allies take advantage of the deliberately induced mass panic over a relative of influenza, SARS and the common cold as a New Cold War battering ram against the Chinese state. "Hey, let's give the Soros network and the neocons the ropes to hang us with!"

    1. They can be all of the things you've mentioned Martin
      willing foot soldiers of sociopoliticoeconomic factions AND
      unprincipled, spineless, gold-digging careerists

      while LARPing as social critics and dissidents.

      Believe me it wasn't lost on me that this information came from a No Good Organization

      That uncritically accepts the necessity of the lockdown while reporting on the fact of it's ugly consequences all the while readying themselves as saviours
      Yes, the real covidiots stick to their talking points and take advantage- I've noticed the battering ram being used against China-

      Covid made them do it
      And the people will stay silent

  2. Hi Penny. You are right, this is all a global experiment, and an article I posted a short while ago mentions some of the same things you mention about the increase in mental health problems as a result.
    I fully believe they desired an increase in negative mental health, as they had already planned more funding for it! And they deliberately left the liquor stores and pot stores open, as if those things are "essential" in times of stress! Unless they desired these things... Oh, and how convenient that marajuana was legalized "Justin" time, eh?
    Pure evil, that's all it is!

    1. Hi Canadian Wildflower!
      It looks like an experiment to me- with dangerous and deadly outcomes

      I agree with the idea they desired the increase in negative mental health because there is NO WAY they did not understand this would be the outcome- That would be a completely non credible contention for anyone to make, let alone the political class with their many advisers.

      Yes, it looks to me as if the liquor/marijuana was left accessible so substance abuse would increase.

      I'm not saying that as someone who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, because I do.
      But there is a big difference between a glass of wine with food and downing a couple of bottles of it or a dozen beers or ingesting drugs