Wednesday, May 27, 2020

'Disturbing' Ont. long-term care home report doesn't come as surprise to families

As readers here know I've been writing about the covid casualty counts in the long term care homes. Specific to Ontario, Canada. The families are completely unsurprised by the report that only covers 5 homes. The pdf is available here I've just printed it up to read now. 
There is going to be still more coverage on what I consider gross negligence and possible malfeasance( wrongdoing, especially by a public official) on the part of the Ford government. (that's my opinion)

 As I've explained the problems are well known, documented and systemic.
Doug Ford repeatedly stated he was going to protect the elderly and vulnerable. Doug Ford and his government failed. I'm aware the problems preceded his government, however, he's had two years to make the necessary changes. He didn't. He opted instead to cut, cut, cut.

Here's Doug Ford on twitter March 30/2020
I've mentioned his "iron ring" talk on multiple previous occasions. Talk is cheap. And Doug has been full of talk.

Here's Doug on April 15/20


Previous coverage

Trudeau is as responsible for these despicable outcomes as Ford. Additionally, I blame Ford, Trudeau and the  manipulative terrorizing fear  media, for turning Canadians into fear filled zombies. Don't it make  ya proud?!

Did you all earn a good pay cheque for doing this dirty work? 


  1. And btw if you're one of the trained seals "clapping" for health care workers, they don't deserve it. At all. They never did because they are just doing a job. But after reading the report and I hope you do, you'll stop you're stupid clapping unless you are a complete idiot!

  2. I'm certainly not clapping for those workers. I've finally finished a post about what happened at our stellar local nursing home.

    I included a link to your post(s) as well.

    1. I didn't think you were yaya. In fact I knew you were not- I'm fed up to my eyeballs with this whole sorry saga
      every bit of it
      and yet- I feel compelled to work at getting the facts/reality vs the msm fiction out to as many as are willing to read

    2. I know you're working hard; you're churning it out like crazy! But there'll be a good, comprehensive resource to turn to. So thanks.

    3. You're welcome Yaya
      "there'll be a good, comprehensive resource to turn to"
      I sure hope so- I mean the info is there, but, my hope is people will turn to it