Monday, May 11, 2020

Doug Yahoo Ford is at it again

  I’ve had about enough of this guy! Two sets of rules. One for him. And the rest for us.
All those seniors, vulnerable persons, in long term care that died on Dougie's watch- 
This man is incorrigible and that's just for starters
  It wasn’t enough he went to the cottage on Easter week end to “check the plumbing” LOL
Premier Dougie Yahoo Ford- Hit the Cottage Easter Week end! No Lockdown for yet another Covid Hypocrite
"His office claims he drove alone, spent less then an hour there, not stopping anywhere or interacting with anyone. Of course, that can't be verified. " 
But now...

"Ontario premier sparks confusion over social gathering rules after weekend visit with daughters"

I’m not feeling confused. Ford is a hypocrite.
: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
In every sense of the word- etymology wise
"answerer, actor on a stage, pretender," from hypokri-, variant stem of hypokrī́nomai, hypokrī́nesthai "to reply, make an answer, speak in dialogue, play a part on the stage, feign"
He shares this trait with Justin Trudeau

Ford’s claim?
“Ford, who lives with his wife and two of his four daughters, said his two other daughters, who do not live with him, came over to visit.”

“There was six of us, direct family," Ford said. "None of the husbands, boyfriends came, just themselves.”
I thought it was no gatherings of more then 5?
Why yes, that’s Ford’s rule- Anything else is illegal

“In March, the Ontario government made gatherings of more than five people, with the exception of those who live together, illegal. The order still remains in place.”
And, I’m not buying the claim there were no husbands or boyfriends present
Clearly this was a mother’s day get together!

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