Monday, May 25, 2020

More of that Hand Sanitizer Insanity- Harmful to Pregnant and Nursing Mothers (Ends Will Not Justify The Means)

 Already touched on the expected growth in superbugs due to excessive use of hand sanitizer. Everywhere. All the time.

A Saskatoon mother is concerned the Saskatchewan Health Authority is using a hand sanitizing gel that may be harmful to individuals who are nursing or breastfeeding. 

A May 21 memo obtained by CBC sent to staff across the authority indicated a type of Health Care Plus Sanitizing Hand Gel "is unsafe for pregnant and nursing women" as it uses "technical grade ethanol alcohol" as opposed to medical grade isopropyl alcohol.
The product has been used in some authority facilities in recent weeks, as global demand for medical grade isopropyl alcohol has been growing exponentially since the beginning of the COVID-1984 fear pandemic.
The product has been approved by Health Canada for use in hand sanitizers, but it comes with many conditions including directions that it only be used by adults, that it contains a warning for pregnant and nursing individuals and that it clearly lists its medical ingredients. 
Harder said the SHA should be providing better alternatives for both its staff and the public, pointing to things like portable hand-washing stations that could be installed at the facilities.
She said while she understands use of the product may be low-risk for her and her family, she has concerns for people pregnant and nursing individuals who regularly frequent the hospital for treatment or work. 
"That's a big risk for them," she said. Based on conversations she's had with other moms in Saskatoon, she says there's a lot of feelings of being let down, disappointment and feelings their trust was taken advantage of.
Big risk for them, but, none of the real covidiots will concern themselves with anything but their own overzealous use of hand sanitizer.

 An aside; we were at the grocery store over the weekend- hubby took the cart from a gentlemen, who quickly said, "it hasn't been sanitized yet". Hubby said, I'm not that concerned. Obviously it had just been 'sanitized' for this gentlemen, anyway. We wash our hands when we get home from the store, with soap and water. Same as always.


  1. Feast your eyes, Penny, on the anarchists in Portland who have been bravely combating The Man by manufacturing vegan hand disinfectant:
    Complete with badly dyed hair and tattoos from the woman on the right of the photo, plus barely any medical tools or clothing in sight. I'd think they would be against a scorched-Earth lockdown that grants police and the military more repressive discretionary capacity, as their ideology supposedly preaches, but it's clearly my diseased mind that doesn't understand how crucial medically uncertified vegan alcohol is for the homeless of the American Pacific.

    1. OMGoodness, retards all together.
      Handsanitizer like all the others mindless bots?
      Of course no mention of how it's being produced???
      Doesn't strike me as credible.