Monday, May 25, 2020

"Novel" Coronavirus and Climate Change: A Tale of Two Hysterias

Playing catch up with a bunch of good articles I've stumbled across recently!
From Forbes via WUWT
"Up to a few months ago, life was normal. Well, sort of. In that pre-coronavirus normalcy, the reigning narrative was that of mankind facing assured destruction if we did not amend our wasteful – read carbon-intensive — ways. Short of a drastic curtailment in our use of fossil fuels, we would all perish in the not too distant future.

How distant depended on who one listened to. At the radical end of the spectrum — US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, teenage icon Greta Thunberg and the Extermination Rebellion folk among others — gave us a decade or less before we would face the fury of the elements, be they fires, droughts, floods, and other horrors of biblical proportions.

The “moderate” position held by the mainstream climate change establishment — ranging from the key multilateral organizations such as the UN’s IPCC to the private sector with oil majors such as Shell and leading environment and social governance (“ESG”)  practitioners like Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund BlackRock held that we had to reach the “net-zero” rate of carbon emissions by 2050 lest the world climate “tip over” to Armageddon."
It's been stated here an innumerable number of times that "big oil" was on board with the anti life carbon cult led by Greeda- Meanwhile Larry Fink and his hedge fund sit waiting to rake in the profits.. 
But then, something happened along the way. Up popped a particularly contagious virus, first in its birthplace in Wuhan, China, and then spreading across the world. In a mere couple of months, the novel coronavirus began to wreak death and economic mayhem, the latter caused primarily by governments panicked into shutting down entire swathes of the economy to “flatten the curve” of infections to avoid health systems from being overwhelmed.
It did not take long after the onset of the global pandemic for people to observe the many parallels between the covid-19 pandemic and climate change. ( Didn't take long at all to notice the parallels- In fact it was mentioned here more then once ) An invisible novel virus of the SARS family now represents an existential threat to humanity. As does CO2, a colourless trace gas constituting 0.04% of the atmosphere which allegedly serves as the control knob of climate change. Lockdowns are to the pandemic what decarbonization is to climate change. Indeed, lockdowns and decarbonization share much in common, from tourism and international travel to shopping and having a good time. It would seem that Greta Thunberg’s dreams have come true, and perhaps that is why CNN announced on Wednesday that it is featuring Greta Thunberg on a coronavirus town-hall panel alongside health experts.
In response to both threats, governments and their policy experts habitually chant the “follow the science”  mantra. In everything from face masks and social distancing (1 or 2 meters, depending on the relevant jurisdiction) to the duration of lockdowns, governments were  “led by the science”.  California governor Gavin Newsom told protestors last month “We are going to do the right thing, not politics, not protests, but by science”. In banning the sale of mulch and vegetable seeds and such-like as non-essential, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed in a New York Times op-ed that “each action has been informed by the best science and epidemiology counsel there is.” (My husband say's this governor is obviously a f'n idiot- I concur)
But, beyond being a soundbite and means of obtaining political cover, ‘following the science’ is neither straightforward nor consensual. The diversity of scientific views on covid-19 became quickly apparent in the dramatic flip-flop of the UK government. In the early stages of the spread in infection, Boris Johnson spoke of “herd immunity”, protecting the vulnerable and common sense (à la Sweden’s leading epidemiologist Professor Johan Giesecke) and rejected banning mass gatherings or imposing social distancing rules. Then, an unpublished bombshell March 16th report by Professor  Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London, warned of 510,000 deaths in the country if the country did not immediately adopt a suppression strategy. On March 23, the UK government reversed course and imposed one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns. For the US, the professor had predicted 2.2 million deaths absent similar government controls, and here too, Ferguson’s alarmism moved the federal government into lockdown mode. 
As we all learned later Neil Ferguson was not practicing that which he preached. He wasn't alone, of course- But it was his extremism that got most of us in lockdown. 
 .....Is the Same as "Modelling" Man Made Climate Change. (Modelling -Since I'm not American)
 Way too many real world variables that may or may not be intentionally included or excluded.
Sometimes the variables are unknown and can't, therefore, be considered.
And sadly sometimes it just comes down to garbage in and garbage out.
Oh, geez there is that similarity between the two hysterias
Unlike climate change models that predict outcomes over a period of decades, however, its takes only days and weeks for epidemiological model forecasts to be falsified by data. Thus, by March 25th, Ferguson’s predicted half a million fatalities in the UK was adjusted downward to “unlikely to exceed 20,000”, a reduction by a factor of 25. This drastic reduction was credited to the UK’s lockdown which, however, was imposed only 2 days previously, before any social distancing measures could possibly have had enough time to work.
For those engaged in the fraught debates over climate change over the past few decades, the use of  alarmist models to guide policy has been a familiar point of contention. Much as Ferguson’s model drove governments to impose Covid-19 lockdowns affecting nearly 3 billion people on the planet, Professor Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” model was used by
As politicians abdicate policy formulation to opaque expertise in highly specialized fields such as  epidemiology or climate science, a process of groupthink emerges as scientists generate ‘significant’ results which reinforce confirmation bias, affirm “scientific consensus” and marginalize sceptics.  
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  1. Airline travel severely hampered if not destroyed all together. Check.

    Small businesses destroyed. check.

    Worldwide anti-government protests neutralized. check.

    Small farmers ( enemies of environmental wackos ) destroyed. check.

    Biggest transfer of communal wealth to the controllers / PTB / Corporations. check.

    A majority of nations willingly destroyed their economies and will now have to go into massive debt ( World Bank possibly ). Rothschild benefits. check.

    I'll stop here but the list of " checks " keeps getting longer. The question is , why is Russia and China playing along ?

    1. I don't know why Russia and China are playing along
      Or if they are what their actions are vs others

      China looks to me, to be understanding it's under attack and is making plans..

    2. It's hard enough to keep up with the insanity here handed out by the Covidocracy to really know what's going on in either of those nations
      will look at the info for Belarus though!

  2. The " smoking gun " ?

    - After 7 Weeks of the PLAGUE RAVAGING Non-Lockdown Belarus 99.998% of Its People Are Still Alive -

    1. Thanks for the link; that looks like a good site to read.

    2. My favourite page at Anti-Empire is "The Flat Curve Society" (love the humour in that title). I wish there had been a country bold enough to not just eschew lockdown but provide free key supplements for their people (Vit D, Vit C, zinc). The results compared to full covid cowardice countries would have been interesting.

      Look what tops the list of symptoms for zinc deficiency -- altered/loss of taste and smell. That's been listed as a symptom of covid. However the list of symptoms for covid is long and overlaps other disorders so it can be as hard to pin down by symptoms as it is by inaccurate lab tests. -- M. Rocknest

  3. Hey Penny! We have another contender for genius decision making:

    1. I've got more coming on the gross negligence in the long term care homes- which is 100 percent the problem
      Also been thinking about the psychological harm behind this mass of elder deaths

  4. I've been reading aloud all of your posts since Saturday's to my husband and then we've spent the morning talking about them. Thank you for keeping up with everything.

    By the way, is your husband still furloughed?

    1. "By the way, is your husband still furloughed?"

      Yes. And we still know of no one who's been sick.

    2. Gwen: Is your hubby still off or has he gone back to work?
      I didn't expect this to go on so long myself...
      I underestimated the level of insanity

  5. Yes, he is still furloughed; they've extended it until the end of August.

    It seems to me like this has gotten out of control, and it's taken on a life of its own.

    Ohio is "allowing" certain business to come back to life (albeit pretty weakened). For example, hair salons have to have their chairs six feet apart and the hairdressers have to wear masks as do customers and they can only have a certain number of customers inside at a time. To accommodate this my salon has created a schedule where they're open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    My son finally (!) got to see his orthodontist yesterday. We had to sign two release forms, they're limiting the amount of people who can be in the waiting room so they ask that you stay in your car and they'll call you when they're ready for you. My husband and I waited for him outside as I refuse to wear a mask to the extent that I can avoid it.

    My husband has a dentist appointment tomorrow and he had to sign a release form asking health questions. Apparently they'll ask those questions again at the appointment and take his temperature. Plus you have to wear a mask if you're in the waiting room.

    Certain restaurants with indoor seating are open, but apparently tables must be six feet apart. Recently a restaurant that has outdoor patio seating had to deal with the police after a snitch called them to complain about people being too close together.

    And then today as I was skimming headlines I see that there is some concern about children going back to school in the fall. The concerns were about how to enforce social segregation in a school setting among other things. Back to school is going to be very interesting if they don't manage to end this BS. People are already very upset that their children missed out on two months of school, graduation ceremonies were cancelled, setting up testing for college admissions has been a mess, plus the difficulties of finishing the school year at home (not to mention how to have children at home when parents work). If they decide to make attending school difficult or if they expect people to continue "doing school" at home, I can't imagine people putting up with more of this.