Friday, May 1, 2020

Ontario, Canada Long Term Care Home Fails VS Successful (Control Group) Long Term Care in Kingston, Ontario

   If there were any real true journalists in Canada or elsewhere in the world they'd point out to their respective wider audience the realities, the facts, regarding wide spread problems in elder care and the fact that those problems were the major factor in the Covid related deaths.
  The shortfalls and the absolute fails, not limited to the governments in Canada, US, UK, France and Italy ( The 'Massacre' of Italy's Elderly Nursing Home Residents)  all collectively failing miserably to protect the vulnerable and elderly.
 This was the reason we were all placed in lock down. This is why masses of us are deprived of an ability to earn an income.  Why we've been and still are brow beaten with the idea there was a "pandemic"  that required hospitals and vulnerable to be protected. Governments did a dam fine job of emptying hospitals through the use of widespread fear. Including deaths resulting from from lack of heart surgeries being done. Yes, that has occurred! Here in Ontario, 35 persons died waiting for heart surgeries that never came. That number will grow!
35 Cardiac patients died in Ontario waiting for surgeries that never came.. As a matter of fact the hyped surge in covid hospitalizations did not come...

Citing a University Health Network report, Ontario's health minister Christine Elliott said today that 35 cardiac care patients may have died after heart surgeries were cancelled to free up beds for an anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients.
That’s not something any of us want to hear," she said during the province's daily press briefing. "I don’t want to call it collateral damage because they are deaths and that is very concerning and sad to all of us."
  And this huge surge of Covid cases that we were repeatedly told was set to rear it's head, NEVER materialized. EVER. Collective failure, nation after nation, to protect the vulnerable and elderly. I've yet to see a one of these nations and their leadership to taken to task by their collective media outlets, save for the one report out of Italy. Here in Canada? Nothing. Crickets!
 So here I am. Heavily censored by google's algorithms still trying to get this information out!
Why? Because it disgusts me. The negligence. Between my husband and I we have three of our elderly parents still living. It sickens me to think of them being treated with so poorly. Thankfully they live independently, still. But, my god, what is wrong with the majority of people? Are you so blinded? Has fear caused you to take leave of your senses?
 Let's look at one public health unit here in Ontario, Canada that got it right. And by god, they protected, actually protected their elderly and vulnerable.  Not one fatality.

April 28/2020: Globe and Mail
"A team of restaurant inspectors in Southeastern Ontario fanned out to every seniors’ residence in the region last month, armed with a four-page checklist.
But on March 18 – one day after the Ontario government declared a state of emergency and temporarily closed all but essential businesses across the province – Kingston public health reassigned them to help long-term care and retirement homes prepare for the pandemic.
The inspectors worked through the checklist with staff at all 27 homes in Kingston and surrounding communities to ensure they were taking every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.
“If a home didn’t adhere, we went back again and again,” said Kieran Moore, medical officer of health for the region.
Kingston, by contrast, has kept the virus at bay, thanks to a raft of protective measures adopted by local health officials. Those include protecting vulnerable populations by redeploying the restaurant inspectors – an initiative recently expanded to the region’s nine prisons – and encouraging primary care physicians to test patients.
So far, no one in the community has died from the virus, no one is hospitalized and no seniors’ home or correctional facility has an outbreak of COVID-19.
In the early days of the pandemic, health experts say, government leaders across Canada worried about averting a catastrophe in this country’s hospitals, similar to what had happened in Italy and New York. They focused most of their attention on expanding the number of available hospital beds in anticipation of an influx of patients with COVID-19."
  As I've mentioned the surge never came. And the hospitals are largely empty because the population has been terrorized into staying away.
"Kingston stands out because its pandemic planning addressed the frail elderly as well as hospitals by including measures to protect the health of residents in the broader community from the highly contagious virus, including the 2,600 residents in seniors’ homes.
Cathy Szabo, chief executive officer of Providence Care, a sprawling organization in Kingston that operates a long-term care home, a hospital and several community-based rehab and mental-health programs, has worked closely with public health on infection control and prevention measures throughout the pandemic – initiatives she says were not front and centre enough in many other regions."
Why weren't these initiatives front and centre? Had they been the Covid casualty count would be greatly reduced. Since the majority of those that died consist of fragile elderly individuals!
"I don’t want to criticize decision makers in health care, but the tendency is to focus everything on acute care and the community is a bit of a second thought,“ Ms. Szabo said.
 I want to criticize them and will do just that. Clearly an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
"The public health inspectors in Kingston have used the checklist to educate homes on best practices during the pandemic. The checklist asked whether the homes are screening residents twice a day for symptoms of the coronavirus. Did staff know how to properly don and remove personal protective equipment, including surgical masks? What would staff do if they developed symptoms of the virus?
The inspectors continue to work with a handful of homes with minor outstanding issues. As part of the health unit’s progressive enforcement regime, Dr. Moore said, the inspectors have the power to enforce non-compliance with fines of up to $5,000 a day.
The inspectors have taken action against one unidentified home, ordering it to comply with provincial directives including screening staff and residents for symptoms of the virus.
The region also ramped up testing for the virus. Dr. Moore invited 100 family doctors to a meeting on March 4 at Public Health in Kingston, where he talked about the importance of monitoring high-risk individuals, including front-line health care workers. “We went over what swabs to use, when to use them and how to report to us,” he said.
The meeting, which took place just days before Canada recorded its first COVID-19 death at a long-term care home in Vancouver, helped physicians identify the first clusters of coronavirus infections in rural communities.
Last week, Dr. Moore’s staff closely monitored Providence Care’s long-term care home, the region’s largest with 243 beds. The health unit declared an outbreak at Providence Manor on Monday, after a resident appeared to have become ill with the virus.
“It was heartbreaking,” said Ms. Szabo, the Providence Care CEO. “We were screening diligently at the door. We keep testing our residents. We keep looking for all the signs and symptoms."
At the end of March, a staff member at the home had tested positive. But every resident who came in contact with the individual was tested and isolated in separate rooms, and the virus did not spread to anyone else, Ms. Szabo said.
This time around, the resident who appeared to be sick with the virus was tested two more times after the initial results were a “weak positive.” Both results came back negative, so the health unit continued investigating her case.
At 4:45 on Friday afternoon, Kingston Public Health declared that the outbreak at Providence Manor was over. The resident who originally appeared to have COVID-19 turned out to be a "false positive.”
One false positive. No deaths. In an elder care system that holds 2,600 persons in residence

 Problems with accuracy regarding nasal swabs has been covered:
This report ends with the same observations as before
Deplorable, systemic negligence killed these individuals. Doug Ford and his government need to be taken to task. Trudeau's Liberals as well. It's shocking to me. Simply shocking and disgusting that Canadians are too frightened by the perception managing media to really question the systemic negligence built into our elder care systems. Don't blame Covid. It takes the blame off the real problem and those actually responsible for it!  Don't deflect.
Wake up people! Wake up!


  1. Hi Penny:

    I am considered an elder (73). I can say that most elders would want the government to leave us alone...don't try and "protect" us with your draconian measures...ones that affect all society.

    Just leave us ALONE. Particularly, don't deny the children and young people their education...not online education but actual school education with their fellows. That's a dastardly crime against humanity as a whole!!!!

    We seniors have had our lives. Leave us alone and we'll do fine. You, government, are not our do NOT own us. Leave us alone!!! Now I know why Ron Paul dedicated his life to protecting civil liberties!

    1. Hey GC

      while I agree with you regarding elders who live on their own- cause that is certainly how I feel about my parents
      I'm driving home the point that in the long term care homes, which are governed by the authority of the day, they failed to protect.
      Which was the very reason we've been locked down and so many like my husband were put out of work, economy destroyed, people awaiting surgeries died due to a viral pandemic?
      I want people to understand how much a fail this has all been. And how much harm has been done and is still to come.

  2. " huge surge of Covid cases that we were repeatedly told was set to rear it's head, NEVER materialized. EVER. Collective failure, nation after nation, to protect the vulnerable and elderly. "

    Are you sure this was a failure ? When too many countries act the same way one has to be immediately suspicious.

    1. Mieszko I:

      It's a fail if the the goal, as has been stated, was to protect the elderly.

      However, if there was an unspoken idea that certain people were expendable, in order to sell a pandemic then those deaths made the pandemic meme a wild success.

    2. As the virus continued to spread

      COVID-19 Prevalence in Canada Much Higher- Making Covid Mortality Rates Much Lower

      That's the unspoken reality that the media main stream and fake alternative won't discuss- Higher prevalence in the population means lower mortality = no pandemic to terrorize

  3. I'm approaching 80 and I'm with Greencrow. Leave me alone! Kingston has had success in nursing homes, no doubt about that. But kids have not been in school; dental, legal and general physical care services have been shut down, and shopping is a nightmare. Not only that, but if Dr. Knut Wittkowski is correct, there is going to be a spike once restrictions are lifted, and that will prove that Covid-1984 is even more virulent than originally thought, and if a vaccine is created it may well be mandatory.

    1. Maybe I should mention that Providence Manor has 234 beds and the residents require 24-hour nursing care. The obituary column shows multiple deaths every week at the Manor; it is basically a revolving door. And it there was a Covid "false positive" in one case, one maybe should suspect the whole testing process.

    2. Status of Cases in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington:

      There may have been other deaths because of delayed treatments, surgeries, due to priority of C-19, but there is no graph for that.

    3. Yaya "And it there was a Covid "false positive" in one case, one maybe should suspect the whole testing process."

      Actually we should suspect the entire testing process. not just in Kingston, but, globally.
      Because the nasal swabs that have been used are prone to error- and there is a saliva test that's more effective.
      Which has not been widely used.

      covered here

      As for the one false negative in Kingston- the follow up testing of two negatives (as has been done) show there was no Covid. ( I can only use the publicly available information)

      and thanks for the additional info via the link :)

  4. A generalized statement

    I'm 100 percent in agreement with GC and Yaya regarding their right to live out their lives as they see fit.

    GC "I am considered an elder (73). I can say that most elders would want the government to leave us alone...don't try and "protect" us with your draconian measures...ones that affect all society."

    Yaya: "I'm approaching 80 and I'm with Greencrow. Leave me alone!"

    Hubby and I are younger (late 50's)and have been adversely financially affected by the "lock downs" that were allegedly undertaken to keep the elderly safe. ( And keep hospitals from overloading- which never happened anyway) That was a fail.
    There has been an extreme cost to us personally:
    Loss of income.
    Loss of freedom.
    Loss of ability to enjoy our outings like we used to.
    Additional stress.
    Anxiety- especially in grocery stores where the fear hangs thick in the air- And we've both had to be super mindful of now allowing that to affect us. Is high.
    As it is for many others. Gwen comes to mind.

    We haven't been allowed to live out our lives either.
    Instead we were asked to make some kind of sacrifice for the greater good that didn't pay off.
    Since we've been forced to lock down, in order to keep the elderly and others safe the bare minimum we should have seen was that the elderly, in long term care homes were kept safe.

    This was not the case at all. This is why I'm writing about all this. The cost to society as a whole was huge, massive, incalculable at this time- the fall out is yet to come and it's going to be huge. And why?

    Who was really protected through all this?
    Not the frail and elderly?
    Though it was entirely possible that could have been achieved without the lockdowns through normal, sensible, practices.

    Why wasn't this approach taken?

    The deaths in the seniors home prove to me this was not the reason for the lock down- and families who lost loved ones need to understand it wasn't the virus- it was plain negligence-

    1. May not be a bad idea to carry a printout of Charter of Rights of freedoms on a person. May not stop boot on your neck but may help later when fighting those draconian penalties.


    2. I'll put that in my purse along with all the other information I've printed up to carry around should I be confronted
      good idea!

    3. For instance,
      One gets pulled over at random corona check road block (view it in black and white), officer knocks on driver window, driver looks overwhelmingly cooperative and puts the chart against his/her rolled up side window holding tape measure in hand in full compliance to the latest regulations. Not enough? Conversation can not continue verbally so it is written notes once again placarded on window, while "suspect" remains in safety of locked car (Engine off, keys on dash) take it from here.
      Traffic cam highly recommended and taking notes of everything , not a joke. Wake up or we are fully roasted.

  5. I'll answer your question: yes, people have taken leave of their senses. Before I say anything further, I'm of the opinion that Covid1984 is a mutation of the seasonal flu virus.

    What if all LTC facilities and hospitals and assisted living facilities were as diligent as Kingston all the time (or at least during flu season and minus a "lockdown"). What might the difference be in the annual death rate from influenza?

    It is incredible (in the true definition) how easily so many people have rolled over and, in many cases, insisted that their rights be taken away. Many states were not prepared for the cascade of unemployment claims. My husband is going into his fifth week of furlough and we still do not have his unemployment benefit. If the downturn continues and he does not go back to work after May 31, we will not have health insurance. My son has orthodontic braces. He's supposed to have them adjusted every seven weeks. His last appointment was February 3, so braces are sitting on his teeth at this point doing nothing.

    They could not have gotten away with this were it not for so many raisin-brain people.

    1. Gwen: I hear ya!
      We've gone through six weeks now of lock down and unemployment. Because of Trudeau's generosity, hubby did not receive EI. We were given the CERB. Which means in 6 weeks we've had a grand total of $2,000.00

      A pittance compared to hubby's regular earnings, with benefits and pension.

      I'm of the opinion, based on a lot of reading that the long term care homes could have done better by the elderly with out the lock downs of every one else
      With out destroying the economies
      Without the psychological op that's being waged against us all.
      Instead the total casualty count from Covid is 80 percent seniors in long term care homes (in Canada) It's pitiful.

      "They could not have gotten away with this were it not for so many raisin-brain people."


    2. Oh and Gwen. I'm sending good thoughts to you and your family. This will resolve itself. Hang in there.

    3. Thanks girl! Right back at ya! :)