Friday, May 8, 2020

Premier Dougie Yahoo Ford- Hit the Cottage Easter Week end! No Lockdown for yet another Covid Hypocrite

Yup, these are the people that we allow to lead us. 
As they dictate behaviour while bringing society to the brink of destruction.
Read the story from the Star's Bruce Campion-Smith.
9:05 a.m.: Days after urging Ontarians not to go to their cottages, Premier Doug Ford made a quick Easter visit to his Muskoka seasonal residence.
On Friday, Ford's office said that "on the morning of Easter Sunday, the premier drove alone to his family property up north to check on the plumbing as the property is under construction and has been over the past two years."
"He spent less than an hour there and on his travel he didn't stop anywhere and he didn't interact with anyone," the premier's office said.

"And Ford himself had already visited his own Muskoka lakefront cottage, on Easter Sunday, to check on the plumbing"

His office claims he drove alone, spent less then an hour there, not stopping anywhere or interacting with anyone. Of course, that can't be verified

HOWEVER,  what we do know is ...he told Ontarian's to stay home. Flatten the curve and all that gibberish.Don't go to your cottages. He said he wouldn't go to his. And he lied!

Dougie is in the company of other high profile liars..

 It's freezing and snowing:

It's Snowing. Fa la la la la.? As the Frigid Spring Continues On.

 Canada's huge elder care fail

Canada's Leads the 14 Nation Pack in Long Term Care Elder Deaths- 82% of Covid Deaths in Long Term Care System


  1. The fact that Neil Ferguson was caught bedding a married woman in the middle of lockdown policies largely attributable to him, and then he resigned, is pure poetic justice. I couldn't stop laughing when I first read about it.
    Christopher Cuomo gave a conference in Central Park while seemingly observing no social distancing guidelines, and no one pointed it out. It looks like the rules don't apply to city halls, police and military.

    1. I gotta admit it Neil Ferguson's take down gave me a smile as well.

      And yah, it looks like rules are only forced on the masses.
      While everyone else is going about their business just fine