Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Theresa, the Sham, Tam- Did She Endorse Mask Wearing As A True Measure of Safety? She did not!

So you and I are on the same page.. 

Sham: 1: a trick that deludes not genuine : false, feigned2 : having such poor quality as to seem false
3: to act intentionally so as to give a false impression   

The political optics
  (the aspects of an action, policy, or decision (as in politics or business) that relate to public perceptions ) around the Covid “crisis” have always been about conjecture, not backed by data  but bolstered with an overabundance of fear mongering. As crony capitalism reigned supreme

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In fact if there is one starring feature of this whole episode it is the overwhelming, oppressive, relentless fearmongering that has been front and centre to this all. As you cowered the rich and powerful aided by their respective toady governments have done their worst

* The astronomical bailouts for the banksters and their lackies that you failed to notice you're on the hook for as you crouched in fear.

Go back to March of this year:

*To “iron rings” that failed to protect the elderly and vulnerable. And still you hid from what was going on right in front of you all

* To the pay out of hush money to Canadians content to take paltry handouts they will pay for down the road. The latest one being some bribe to Canadian parents.

The Covidocracy has run amok. And still you truckle (love this word)

Considering all that, it should come as no surprise to anyone at all, after months of stating masks won’t make a difference Theresa Tam gives into the manipulative machinations of the Covidocracy to contradict her own sensible advice, while still presenting her "consent" in such a way as to not fully commit to the safety of NON MEDICAL masks. In other words there is only so far she'll go in her lies.

Let's read what Tam the Sham states. Let's read this together- 

From the CBC, of course. Canada's Bigbrother Corporation

"For the spring and summer months, strict adherence to the public health basics of physical distancing, handwashing and cough etiquette must continue as the bare minimum," she said
"In addition, where COVID-19 activity is occurring, use of non-medical masks or face coverings is recommended as an added layer of protection when physical distancing is difficult to maintain. And staying home when sick is a must, always and everywhere."

Asked if the federal government could issue a directive to make mask-wearing in public mandatory, Tam said it remains a recommendation at the national level
She won't even suggest it be made a directive, because she KNOWS, that wearing masks is a false security measure.
"She also warned that wearing a mask won't protect an individual from infection on its own, and stressed that physical distancing remains fundamental."
Trudeau is going to wear a mask for the theatrical effect as well:
 Trudeau said he will wear a mask to in-person sittings of Parliament but will remove his mask once at his desk to engage in parliamentary debate.
Trudeau said again that the best measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 are to stay two metres apart, to stay at home whenever possible and to wash hands regularly and frequently.
No one is committing to a masks as a means to stop the spread of Covid 1984.  Only  as a theatre for the fear porn show  

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  1. Great Post, Penny! Trudeau couldn't wait to put on his "specially ordered" "black" face mask! Fear porn terror for which he should be jailed!!!

    1. Trudeau is a drama queen, er, I mean a drama teacher
      So theatrics are his specialty
      From his role as leader to mask wearing fear porn star?
      Drama is his specialty. His daily briefings have certainly displayed that flair for dramatics.

  2. Who could doubt a Canadian face like that? What was his name again?

  3. By the way, how popular is Justin? Is he an object of ridicule with most people? How does most of the public see him in your opinion?

    1. Hey Gwen!
      I didn't vote for the idiot king, but, according to polls, whatever they are worth, he's supposedly popular?