Thursday, June 18, 2020

Covid-1984 Censorship at ResearchGate: Questioning the Efficiency of Face Masks Not Allowed

Yes, it was the paper by Professor Denis Rancourt


A Website that Makes Research Open to All?
My title has a question mark in it, and my first heading has a question mark in it. The question mark in the title means that there might be a question about whether censorship is actually taking place, while the second question mark means that there is definitely a question about the legitimacy of a mission-statement claim. A resolution of the second question mark would get rid of the first question mark, but I’ll leave that resolution up to readers.
For readers who might not know, ResearchGate is a website that has established a professional network for scientists and researchers (with over 17 million members from all over the world) to share their publications, publish their data, and discuss their research. According to its terms of service, ResearchGate’s mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all.
You can check out the full terms of service here:
The First Question
Has unreasonable censorship taken place?
On June 3, 2020, ResearchGate removed an article by Physicist, Denis Rancourt, titled Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy
Denis Rancourt has a PhD in Physics (1984, University of Toronto), is a former tenured Full Professor (University of Ottawa), and has published over one hundred articles in leading science journals (You can easily look up his credentials for yourself, if you don’t trust me).
ResearchGate’s notice of content removal to Rancourt stated, … our terms of service prohibit the posting of non-scientific content on the platform.
Rancourt’s own full expose’ of this editorial action is here:

Since Rancourt’s article in question was banished from its original place of publication, I had to dig a bit to find a copy, since all links to that location now land on a generic page endorsing ResearchGate as a place to … make research open to all. [implied eye roll]
To save you the trouble of searching for it, I have loaded a copy to my DropBox here:
I have read Rancourt’s expose’, I have read his original article that was removed, and I have read the terms of service referenced by those who did the removing.  Based on all this, I have made my judgment about the actions taken in this case, which leads to …
The Second Question
Does an organization that claims to … make research open to all … adhere to this mission statement, when it removes content by a well-credentialed scientist, who carefully backs his words with known scientific facts linked to clearly displayed and linked citations?– an organization whose terms of service make no requirement of formal peer review?  — an organization that seemingly exercises editorial power based soley on the way things are being done, rather than on the scientific basis of this way, which is the very foundation of its mission statement?

I encourage you to read through the comments as well.

Fauci, before face masks became an expedient political tool.   
Before the WHO "recommended" their use early in June.  Immediately followed by the seal of approval from "healthcare professionals" for  the BLM/Antifa protests.
 Making it easier to hide identities.  The timing was uncanny.
Prescient. Prophetic.


"Third, wearing masks is a collective declaration that a serious disease requires that the behavior of the entire population must change."
 Like BLM protests and AGW- behaviours of the entire population must change.
Overlapping/coinciding agendas. Come on how obvious does this all have to get people? 

 Which coincides with the obvious extremely& supportive position taken by Amazon of the BLM/Antifa protest movement. 
 As BLM/Antifa return the favour in it's support of the "pandemic" narrative. And the health care industry supports BLM/Antifa despite the ongoing "pandemic".
 Each supposed separate occurrence reinforcing overlapping narratives. How curious.
I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine?


  1. Hi Penny: Your readers might also be interested in visiting the blog Denis started way back when political activism was most alive in Ottawa and global warming hype was in its infancy and Denis wrote about that too. See the side panel at this link:

    Also: Off-Guardian has posted an interview with him on the mask topic:

  2. Here is Denis' YouTube channel:

  3. An interview of Denis regarding Covid in general

    Oh, what the heck, here's his complete YouTube Listing (plenty on "climate change"):

  4. Good Morning Yaya:

    I'm going to have to put his site/blog in the sidebar.
    thanks for leaving all that info :)

  5. Yes, Masks are one of the biggest scams in modern history...along with the plandemic/scamdemic itself. Note the similarity in dress between Antifa and the ISIS terrorists who destroyed Iraq/Syria...until they were mysteriously airlifted places "unknown".

    Is humanity THIS stupid?!

    1. With the media, alt and msm, pushing the virtue signalling, on message, mask wearing then yah, humanity is that stupid

  6. Some thoughts on " masks ".

    - Study Reveals The long-term negative effects of face coverings on ventilatory function -

  7. Just had a phone call from someone pushing the print media- I share the paper with my neighbour and the idiot said

    "You trust your neighbour"
    I said "absolutely"
    Idiot said "with what's going on" (pandemic)
    I said "absolutely"
    Idiot said "It's world wide"
    I said "I'm aware"
    Idiot said "I'm calling from Toronto"
    I said, "Since approx 67 percent of al the covid in Onario is in Toronto, maybe you should be concerned but I'm not"

    Fear as the sales pitch- I'm not buying!
    Boy that annoyed me!

  8. Here's something interesting from a commenter at the OffGuardian link yayacanada provided:

    Meanwhile, here in Belgium, an interesting article in “Het Laatste Nieuws” (Goggle translated)

    Three Belgian industry federations are sounding the alarm about the 18 million mouth masks that the Luxembourg mailbox company Avrox has supplied to the government. The caps are “even more dangerous than previously thought”, it sounds. They are said to have been treated with a technique that poses a “risk to people and the environment,” warn Creamoda, Febelsafe and FBT in a joint press release. Defense, which is responsible for the distribution of the mouth masks, emphasizes that there is a positive opinion from Public Health about this. Avrox threatens to take legal action against Creamoda.
    According to Creamoda, Febelsafe and FBT, the masks were treated with a biocide based on silver ions. A biocide is a treatment technique that kills any living organism. In the case of the mouth masks, silver was used for this in the form of ions, Jo Van Landeghem of Creamoda explains to HLN. Characteristic of silver ions is that they never bind permanently and are always released. “So they never stay in the product. And certainly not in cotton or polyester fabrics, from which fibers always break loose. “

    Such a silver finish can be found on medical clothing for people with leg wounds, for example, but nowadays the coating is also often used for the regular clothing market. Think of socks, which with a silver finish prevent sweat bacteria from multiplying, so that the consumer is less bothered by bad smells. Simply stated, the silver coating kills all bacteria that live on the body and keep a person healthy. “While that is not necessary at all, because those bacteria are part of your protection,” says Van Landeghem.
    The technique is controversial worldwide, because it is widely used and “will certainly cause damage to people and the environment”. “Because the technique was used to make the mouth masks, people also breathe the ions, so that they do not first have to penetrate the skin, but end up directly in the blood,” said the spokesman.

    The second problem according to Creamoda, Febelsafe and FBT is that the masks are treated with nano silver particles. “They are so absurdly small that they can penetrate the body through any natural barrier,” explains Van Landeghem. And so they can get into body parts and cells where they normally don’t belong. Moreover, there is still insufficient research on how great the damage can be for people and the environment. “We mainly focus on public health of the people and this is really absurd. It defies any imagination, ”says Van Landeghem.

    The Bureau for Standardization (NBN), the Belgian government body responsible for setting standards, warns against the use of silver ions, the sector federations emphasize in their press release. Countries like Sweden, for example, do not recommend its use in everyday products and in non-medical applications.
    Finally, Van Landeghem criticizes that it is still not clear how the checks on the masks went. “The first question we always asked is” who did these checks? “But since the file is completely under confidentiality with Defense, we have never been able to check who tested the delivery and what was tested.” Every prevention advisor will confirm that a cloth mouth mask treated with a biocide such as silver poses a potential risk to the user, it sounds. “Once again we are amazed at how carelessly the safety of the population is handled,” conclude the federations, who previously called Avrox’s masks a “public health hazard.”
    The Defense organization points to the positive advice from the FPS Public Health that the quality of the masks meets the necessary requirements. “The cloth mouth mask aims to protect people. The antibacterial treatment that the textile has undergone has no primary function, nor is it specifically directed against the coronavirus, ”it says.

  9. That is so freaky!!! What print media would actually phone people to instill more fear in order to sell more copy???? I've never had anybody phone me at any time to get me to pay money for a newspaper. I almost hope they will call me. They'll get an earful:

    Bloggers quote news media every day. The media should pay THEM for the increased exposure. In fact they should fight to have Google recognize the bloggers. That way they'd get even more exposure.

    If they're desperate for cash, maybe they should seriously think about why!

  10. Penny:

    In light of the " virus " , check out the following short video.

    Problem, reaction, solution.