Monday, July 6, 2020

Cuomo in New York, Sent 6,300 Covid Patients to Nursing Home- Massacre in New York's Nursing Homes

 Updated July 07/20:

Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home executives after big campaign donations

Cuomo the Virtuous- lol

 Cuomo signed legislation last month quietly shielding hospital and nursing home executives from the threat of lawsuits stemming from the coronavirus outbreak. The provision, inserted into an annual budget bill by Cuomo’s aides, created one of the nation’s most explicit immunity protections for healthcare industry officials, according to legal experts.
Critics say Cuomo removed a key deterrent against nursing home and hospital corporations cutting corners in ways that jeopardize lives. As those critics now try to repeal the provision during this final week of Albany’s legislative session, they assert that data prove such immunity is correlating to higher nursing home death rates during the pandemic – both in New York and in other states enacting similar immunity policies.
The killing of the seniors in these homes was not an accident. It is unfathomable that anyone could credibly make that claim. As Cuomo dodges responsibility. Don't let this monster off the hook! Reminiscent of Doug Ford's government in Ontario, Canada. And the leadership in Quebec, as well. Covered in the 4 part series below!

Modern Health Care 
New York hospitals released more than 6,300 recovering coronavirus patients into nursing homes during the height of the pandemic under a controversial, now-scrapped policy, state officials said Monday, but they argued it was not to blame for one of the nation's highest nursing home death tolls.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration, which has taken intense criticism over the policy, instead contended the virus' rampant spread through the state's nursing homes was propelled by more than 20,000 infected home staffers, many of whom kept going to work unaware they had the virus.
"Facts matter. And those are the facts," state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said in a news conference.
New York's report came more than a month after The Associated Press did its own count finding that hospitals around the state released more than 4,500 recovering coronavirus patients to nursing homes under a March 25 Health Department directive that required nursing homes to take recovering coronavirus patients.
The directive was intended to help free up hospital beds for the sickest patients as cases surged. But several relatives, patient advocates and nursing administrators who spoke to the AP at the time blamed the policy for helping to spread the virus among the state's most fragile residents. To date, more than 6,400 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus in New York's nursing home and long-term care-facilities.
New York is specifically covered in the post below!

Cuomo, a Democrat, reversed the directive under pressure on May 10, but he has argued for weeks that infected home workers, not released COVID-19 patients, were to blame for a coronavirus spread through nursing homes that he compared to "fire through dry grass."
"It is that the staff got infected. They came to work and they brought in the infection," Cuomo said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on June 23. "Now, how do you fix that in the future? I don't know that you really can."
New York's health commissioner echoed those remarks in his news conference Monday, saying: "There's no reason to place blame. If you were to place blame, I would blame coronavirus."
While New York's report doesn't rule out whether the March 25 directive played any role in the thousands of nursing home deaths, it notes that the virus was already present in many homes before they accepted COVID-19 patients from hospitals. Over 80% of the 310 nursing homes that admitted such patients already had a confirmed or suspected case among residents or staffers, the report says.
The average patient had been hospitalized for nine days, the report says — the same period that it likely takes for the virus to no longer be contagious, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The state report also says nursing home resident deaths peaked on April 8 — around the same time as COVID-19 deaths statewide, but nearly a week before the peak of COVID-19 patients from hospitals — a sequence of events the report casts as "suggesting the policy was not the cause."
Nonetheless, the state's data show over 1,000 COVID-19 patients entered nursing homes between March 25 and April 8.
Meanwhile, more than 20,000 home staffers were infected with COVID-19 in New York between March and late April when the policy was in effect.
New York officials have said that the March 25 directive was never intended to force nursing homes to take patients they weren't equipped to care for, and that they should have spoken up if that was the case. Officials also have noted that some other states, including neighboring New Jersey, had similar policies.
Michael Dowling, CEO of hospital chain Northwell Health — which sent more than 1,700 COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, according to the AP's count — said those who claim that nursing home admission policies from hospitals caused the fatalities are "not supported by the facts.
Stephen Hanse, who runs a big association of New York nursing homes, acknowledged Monday that no one decision or issue can be blamed for the virus' toll in nursing homes.
But "bringing in even one instance of COVID to a nursing home is in no one's best interest," said Hanse, president of the New York State Health Facilities Association and the New York State Center for Assisted Living.


  1. One could look at this scenario re: Cuomo in one of two ways: one, a matter of gross stupidity, arrogance and ignorance; or two, a calculated plan to reap the most Federal Government payments for predictable Covid related deaths to supplant the cash-strapped bankrupt economic policies of New York's progressive-liberal government. Knowing Cuomo's track record, I think it is both.

    1. It is both because they aren't mutually exclusive
      Cuomo is arrogant, doesn't care (ignorant aka rude) and was able to profit from the deaths.

      Don't think he is stupid (dull or dumb)- rather calculating is more accurate