Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Canada & Afghanistan

I have only one thing to say about this and only ever have. That is get the Canadian troops out of there!

Harper is grovelling to NATO. No other countries want to send troops to Aghanistan.

Well , let me correct myself, no other countries want to send troops to get killed in Afghanistan.

France may send some troops , or maybe not.?
They may send less then Canada wanted.
The pressure has certainly been on France.
But, we see it being reported that Prime Minister Stephen Harper lowers expectations about France sending the 1000 troops that are needed.
French Prime Minister Fran├žois Fillon said yesterday that Paris may contribute "several hundred" more troops to Afghanistan, less than the 1,000 Canada has demanded.
If they send troops , they will certainly not be stationed in the thick of things, as the saying goes.

So Canada may leave the NATO meeting, in Bucharest empty-handed, and Canadian soldiers will continue dying unsupported by the other NATO countries in Kandahr.

NATO has to deliver and then Harper is off the hot seat on the war issue ... that basically removes the war issue as a weapon of the Liberal Party," said Brian MacDonald, senior defence analyst for the Conference of Defence Associations.

He said Mr. Harper must return from Bucharest having secured the 1,000 troops "or a reasonable approximation of that."

The motion Parliament passed on March 13 said Mr. Harper must secure combat soldiers from NATO allies to join Canadians in Kandahar province by February of 2009, as well as transport helicopters and aerial reconnaissance drones. Otherwise, Canada will withdraw from battle.

should be interesting to see what happens, and how this plays out politcially in Canada

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