Friday, April 25, 2008

limits drug-sniffing dog use, unacceptable in a free society

Canada's high court limits drug-sniffing dogs

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Canada's highest court said police do not have the authority to randomly search student backpacks for drugs, in one of two rulings on Friday limiting the use of drug-sniffing dogs.

Justice William Ian Corneil Binnie said traveling by bus within Canada was not the same thing as traveling to Canada from another country when passengers should expect to be subjected a border search at the airport.

"Nobody should expect to be randomly cross-examined by the police when boarding the Vancouver to Calgary bus. This is unacceptable in a free society," Binnie wrote.

yeah to the justices, for a wise decision!


  1. I agree with the court but apparently, many police forces intend to ignore the decision and continue with lockdowns and searches at a schools request. They try to justify these searches as not being invasive to private property because the lockers are only on loan to students and are property of the school.

    Ok, so think about that... does it open up to the possibility of searching other places at the owners request as well, such as rental homes and apartments?

    Can someone explain to me how the police can ignore the supreme court of Canada?

    The other thing being considered is the use of private companies to do the searches with dogs, then calling police if/when anything illegal is found.

    Also the term "War on Drugs" is now being used quite liberally by the Canadian media.

  2. hey tomas:

    while the lockers maybe the property of the school the contents of the lockers are not the schools property.
    You make a good point wrt to rental properties and apartments.

    the police should not be able to ignore the supreme court.

    Perhaps some lawsuits are in order.
    It is frightful, the way kids are treated in schools these days.

    The lockdowns, it's like it is some kind of "conditioning" for kids, to accept police state tactics.