Friday, April 4, 2008

re: the toronto 18

This article I am linking to here, was written by Beenish Gaya. She is sister to one of the accused in the Toronto 18 trial.
She brings an interesting perspective to the on going saga and touches on the media circus surrounding this whole matter. In her writing, she notes a number of issues, I have written about in this blog.

But she definitely brings a more personal feeling to this matter.

An interesting thought she shares is with regards to the abrupt ending of the preliminary hearing. Where she makes the statement
"This strategic move unfairly gives the government the ability to keep up the drama and prolong the climate of fear."

She makes a good point , because ,by doing so the state, through the actions of the crown were able to do just that, keep up the drama through the media. The reporting of the sudden and sensational end of the preliminary hearing, the subsequent re-arrests of the men , garnered a whole new round of extensive media coverage replete with speculation and innuendo, fueled by the snippets of information slowly making it's way through the mass media.

She also mentions something else, which I again wrote about here, just the other day.

The unbalanced and sensational media coverage of the case and Islam, the growing trend of Islamophobia and the resulting hatred against Muslims clearly disadvantage and prejudice the accused. In fact, those who are identified closely with Islam are easily associated with terrorism through guilt by association and the presumption of guilt.

I wrote about it this way , though.

It does leave one wondering if the accused can get a fair trial, anyway.
The atmosphere of prejudice, that abounds towards Muslims, is reminiscent of the hysteria of the witch hunts of old.

You know, witch hunts , state sanctioned or at the very least implicitly condoned by the state, in which panicked , hysterical, fearful people, who somehow believed they were morally superior, went off torturing and killing people whom they had already deemed guilty and worthy of such persecution.

One is very nearly waiting with baited breath to see if some crazy new "test" can be dreamt up or approved of, in which society will be able to decide which muslims are "terrorists".

Though I am not a Muslim, nor a follower of the religion of Islam, it is not hard to see what is going on at this time. Let's be upfront, what is going on is an extreme bias towards people of this ethnicity/culture/religion.

A different perspective then the one we will get via the mainstream coverage.

Parody of Justice: Toronto 18 Suspects undergo Trial by Media

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