Thursday, April 10, 2008

The seeds of discontent have been sown.

There have been a number of recent news stories , indicating that food insecurity, will increase insecurity in general.

How is that possible? Well hungry people, people who cannot afford food tend to get angry.

Angry, hungry people tend to get active to change their circumstances. Particularily if they have children, to feed.

How the angry starving people get active is what may be cause for concern.

Here's a partial list of recent incidents of concern:

*Two days of rioting in Egypt over the doubling of food prices in one year!
*Riots in Haiti last week that killed four people
rotests in Ivory Coast
Price riots in Cameroon in February that left 40 people dead

Rioting angry people can destabilize, weak governments.

But, your thinking, well these are 3rd world countries, they are always facing this type of situation at some point in time.

But, it's not just 3 world countries , it's countries that are alleged to be first world also.
Numerous media outlets in the US have reported on the fact that food stamp useage is at an all time high.

So what does the 3rd world have in common with the first world? Affordability. People cannot afford to pay for the food.

Josette Sheeran, director of the UN World Food Programme, said last month: "We are seeing a new face of hunger. We are seeing more urban hunger than ever before. We are seeing food on the shelves but people being unable to afford it."

Now wait a minute, hold on here...... wasn't globalization supposed to be raising everyone everywhere out of poverty? Wasn't globalization supposed to make us all prosperous?
Well what happened?
How come it isn't just the usual third world countries that are having trouble "putting food on their families" as George Bush so eloquently puts it?
Why is it that we see even in the US, a country that is spending a phenomenal amount of money on war that American families cannot feed themselves.

It is claimed in the US that vanishing jobs are the cause of the problem, where did those jobs vanish to under the new global economic system? Why all those jobs went to third world nations. What? That doesn't make sense , if those first world jobs , went to third world nations, then why can't the third world nations feed their families?
What happened to the first world level of wages that were transfered to third world?
Well in this globalized economy ,of course, those wages were cut to maximize corporate profit.
The end result, it seems no one can afford even basic necessities.


  1. Penny - spot on!!

    In a way, it is redistribution of 'wealth' only - the REAL wealthy folk don't pay, as usual.

    Toss Monsanto and the Ethanol crowd in and matters only get worse.


  2. it truly is a redistribution of the wealth, away from the masses,to the few wealthy.

    You may be interested in the article on Monsanto, I posted today.

    Putting all their patents on food products will serve to further drive up food prices, thereby causing more people to starve.

    Not to help humanity, not to feed the people as their spin doctors tell us, but to maximize profits for themselves and control food production.