Wednesday, June 25, 2008

re: oil, US, Israel and more

In the comment section of yesterdays posts, I had two great comments, re: the oil in Iraq.
I noted that the US has an agreement with Israel to supply, the country with oil, no matter what.
Signed in 1979, you can read about it here.

some excerpts from this paper:

These arrangements further fulfill a promise that I made last year in connection with Israel's withdrawal from the Gulf of Suez oil fields and its conclusion of the treaty of peace with Egypt. In making peace, Israel committed itself to dependence solely on imported oil—a very bold and courageous and generous decision in this troubled time. At the time of Israel's withdrawal in 1975 from a portion of the Egyptian Sinai, the United States gave assurance that Israel would count on our help and could depend on us if it could not attain oil during its own efforts.

We renewed and extended this duration of the assurance in June of 1979, so that the establishment of peace with Egypt would not lessen Israel's long-range energy security. Now we have spelled out the emergency conditions under which the 1979 oil supply agreement may be activated. This contingency plan is a carefully defined understanding between friends, designed to ensure that all relevant concerns are taken into account. Both our nations hope this agreement will never have to be activated, but if it should become necessary, the United States will be a steadfast and dependable friend of Israel.

We anticipate that Israel will continue to receive their oil from present sources, but if those supplies should be interrupted or if exorbitant prices should be imposed upon Israel, above and beyond normal marketing prices as described in this detailed document, then the United States will meet this obligation to our friend, the Government of Israel.

one can also read here

So it is about oil, ( but not entirely) and Israel is most definitely of a major concern.

In fact the pipeline that runs through Georgia (former soviet) supplies Israel with oil.

wrt: the paper mentioned by nobody: Oded Yinon and his Strategy For Israel

a brief description of it here: A frightening "Strategy for Israel"

I agree with the balkanization angle of the ME wars also, to weaken the Arab countries makes them ripe for take over, in a colonialist fashion, for the greatest power in the ME, which is Israel.

But, I sometimes think that even in the US their is division amongst the elites, with regards benefiting Israel, to the detriment of the US itself.

I could be wrong, though, who knows?


  1. "But, I sometimes think that even in the US their is division amongst the elites, with regards benefiting Israel, to the detriment of the US itself."

    We can hope, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    The last AIPAC love fest paints a far clearer picture. It sure would be good though, to have an American president who puts the US first, second and third. (to quote rivero).

    One has to wonder how much dirt Israel and her various tentacles have on all these politicos... certainly it lands in the 'things that make you go 'hmmmmm' ' category.

    Have you read any Paul Findley? Specifically, 'Those who Dare to Speak out'. This influence of the Israel lobby goes back much farther than most realize - or even care to admit (again for the fear of being labelled 'AS or SL'.



  2. the one thing I like to keep in mind with regards to the US Israel relationship;

    If the US wanted to cause difficulty for Israel, they could.

    Militarily and financially.

    even the agreement to supply oil, if not fulfilled could leave Israel in deep doodoo.

    I still think the US holds the upper hand, in that relationship.

    I haven't read Paul Findley. I shall have to check this out too.

    too much to read, too little time!

    thanks B

  3. Yeah, that's the big question - What have they got on these guys? You've all seen Carl Cameron's Fox report on Israeli phone companies yeah? I've got them on my hard drive but I can't remember where I got them. It's findable. Not on Fox though! They disappeared it.

  4. It's not just the phone companies either, nobody - as I am sure you are aware. It's also 'security' companies (you know one of Israel's chief exports :P). IIRC, both the airports involved with 911 and the security for the tubes on 7/7 were handled by Israeli based firms. Coincidence? Maybe... correlative? perhaps... certainly odd.


  5. Hello, yes, sorry, no, my point was specifically what do they have on people, ie. how do they blackmail them?

    And I'd love to know what goes on during all those congressional visits to Israel. I have no doubt that every hotel room they're put up in is bugged and filmed. And I further have no doubt that Mossad would have men, women, and kids on hand for precisely these purposes.