Friday, June 13, 2008

shocking! stockwell day blocks release of Taser report.

This has got me furious, just furious, obviously based on what is being reported the Taser report was not going to be flattering to law enforcement.

Why? Cause it looks like the abusive use of Tasers has been widespread amongst law enforcement.

RCMP fire Tasers multiple times despite health hazards: probe

RCMP officers are "likely to fire their electronic stun guns multiple times during an altercation, despite a policy that warns it may pose health risks", according to a joint investigation by CBC News/Radio Canada and the Canadian Press.

The media outlets, which analyzed the Taser-use forms RCMP officers are required to fill out if they draw a stun gun, also found multiple use of Tasers is increasing.

So these guys have been using the guns to abuse people rather then subdue!

Then go further:

The data from 2002 to 2007 is heavily censored, but reveals that Mounties used their Tasers more than 3,000 times nationwide during the period. In more than 1,300 of those cases, officers fired their stun guns more than once.

The analysis also revealed that in nearly 18 per cent of the incidents, officers had fired three or more times.

Though their own policy states:

The RCMP policy, in place since 2005, states that “multiple deployment or continuous cycling of the CEW [conducted energy weapon] may be hazardous to a subject. Unless situational factors dictate otherwise, do not cycle the CEW repeatedly, for more than 15-20 seconds at a time against a subject.”

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