Sunday, July 6, 2008

Subversion 101- Reality check time

Some recent goings on in the blogosphere and the real world, have got me thinking about, what is now considered 'subversive'. I went to look the word up, to be sure of it's exact meaning, before I wrote this.

What subversion actually means is "a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within"

From within the government, note that important distinction. From within.

Even in this day and age, of black is white and white is black, has this word come to mean something else.

Subversion, at this time, seems more to be associated with forces outside of the government. Forces that are alleged to be attempting to undermine the government, from outside of the confines of the government itself.
Note, I used alleged? I did so because that allegation is made, usually, by the government that holds the power of office.

Who is it made against?

The people, yes, that is right, the people.
We the people, you the people and they the people. The people who are actually supposed to have the power to overthrow or undermine their government, via their democratic rights, most commonly their right to vote. Correct? When you vote, you overthrow one government for another.

So given the right of the people to exercise their free and democratic will, it is quite difficult to say that subversion can come from outside of the government, through the people, especially secretly! That includes grass roots movements and protests, which government is always aware of given their infiltration , tracking and....... subversion of these organised and democratic types of actions. These actions fall well into the realm of legitimate descent. Particularily when one considers the government is supposed to be the servant of the people.

So where is subversion taking place these days and against whom is it being perpetuated?

Go back to that meaning I posted , and I am going to bold the relevant part this time to make my point:
"a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within"

A systematic attempt to undermine a political system by persons working from within.

The subversion taking place this day and age is actually against the people, from their own government and their lackeys', to undermine control the people should be exerting on their own political system.

Look at what goes on, spying on citizens, tracking your every move, your bank transactions, your phone calls, e-mails, spying on bloggers postings (hats off to nobody).

The massive manipulation of the populace through a laughable mainstream media, a media that is supposed to inform us, impartially, yet does nothing of the sort. Instead it works to shape and mold the thoughts and opinions of the people in compliance with the government goals. How else to explain the bizarre rantings I heard the other day? How convenient it is for governments when they have a complacent populace, to just go about steamrolling everyone and everything in sight.

Who is having their power and their rights systematically taken away from them?
Ask yourselves these questions.

Who is REALLY being subverted?

are the subversives?


  1. Another great post Penny!

    Very interesting wrt the double meanings of words these days. With the populace as dumbed down and apathetic as it is - many of whom probably don't even own a dictionary - nor possess the ability to actually use one - is this really any big surprise?

    I've seen also on trace that the government of the US is busy watching my own movements as my puter is pinged often by them (my son seems to know how to do the tracking in dos - me - I'm a bit of a luddite).

    Still though - all scary.

    I wonder whether that knocking sound I hear sometimes is Orwell tossing in his grave!

    PS - glad to see Rivero has his site back up.


  2. I was glad to see WRH up also, when one reads there every single day, it is really disruptive of ones' routine tour of sites.

    I am hoping this isn't taken as an insult by nobody, or to his great idea, in the diy subversion post he wrote, which was part of the reasoning for this, but not cause what he wrote was bad, but because of the spying that began afterwards
    It was weird how one blog was getting hits from spooksville USA, that went to another one, and what did happen to WRH??
    Then that bizarre conversation the other day, and I thought, OMG is it us being subverted, so we can be more easily lead, wether we like it or not?

  3. What insult? Who me? Ha ha ha. I tap out a word and you pick it up, roll it round in your head and come up with your own thing. Bravo, all is as it should be.

  4. thanks nobody, sometimes I get too much rolling around in my head.