Friday, July 4, 2008

Support the troops- bring 'em home!

US and NATO troops deaths in Afghanistan, surpass Iraq total for second month in a row

Canadian soldiers with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) leave an armored vehicle as an Afghan helicopter flies overhead in the Arghandab district after it was recaptured by NATO and Afghan troops from Taliban militants last week in Kandahar province, south of Kabul.

In case one was unaware?
The US is bombing (destabilising, balkanising) inside Pakistan, ostensibly to find Osama bin laden aka osama bin forgotten, till we conveniently need to use his ,ooo scary, fear, terror.. er, sorry, I meant, until we need to raise the spectre of fear, I mean, digressing.....until the hunt is on again!

You gotta really read this article to to get the Bullshit o meter beeping
CIA given green light to bomb Osama bin Laden


The CIA has been given the green light by Pakistan to attack Osama bin Laden with unmanned aircraft armed with ground attack missiles if they can find the terror godfather, it has been revealed.

But have they been? I mean really do they have permission from Pakistan?

next sentence:

The US intelligence agency does not have to ask permission from the Pakistani government to attack his hideout, presumed to be in the lawless tribal areas on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan.

According to a US official with knowledge of the deal, the permission to operate Predator drones without seeking permission was granted by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf early in the war on terror.

But details of the deal were leaked to the Washington Times newspaper yesterday amid growing discontent from the US military at the failure of the Pakistani government to let American ground troops take up the search for the al Qaeda leader.

Under the terms of the deal, the CIA must coordinate all its activities within the tribal areas with Pakistani authorities with the one sole exception of operations against bin Laden himself.

How convenient this suddenly all is, some unnamed person with alleged knowledge of this alleged deal, just happens now, (note the perfect timing) to leak the details to the Washington times!
When Pakistan is publically displeased with US actions!
Don't worry boys and girls, it's all good, see we have permission, go back to sleep.

There is no pre-agreed to deal to bomb in Pakistani territory , and this is obvious.

The US claims it has a deal as long as it is looking for bin Laden, so now, bin forgotten is suddenly and conveniently remembered!

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  1. Indeed, there is NO reason on earth why Canadians should be over there. Our Armed Forces are for the defense of OUR country - period.

    No more warring for Oil, no more warring for Israel.

    Bring them HOME.

    As you know Penny, my retired ex-airforce father is incessed at to what has happened to our government - incessed by the bureaucratisation of the military - where now only the political ass kissers rise to the higher ranks. I'll have to dig up his farewell speech and send it off to you.