Wednesday, July 2, 2008

US: Military to Patrol Internet !

Anyone who uses the internet be aware. Bloggers, keep an eye on your hit counter, the US Military is Patroling the Internet.

I like the classic sort of big brother vague language in this article. I'll highlight it!
My commentary will be in blue.

The U.S. military is looking for a contractor to patrol cyberspace, watching for warning signs of forthcoming terrorist attacks or other hostile activity on the Web.
What other types of hostile activity would that be? Disgruntled citizens expressing opinions, raising awareness, using the web to organize protests etc..

In a solicitation posted on the Web last week, the command said it was looking for a contractor to provide "Internet awareness services" to support "force protection" -- the term of art for the security of U.S. military installations and personnel.

Internet awareness services? I think most people are aware of the internet, what does this vague sounding name really imply?

"The purpose of the services will be to identify and assess stated and implied threat, antipathy, unrest and other contextual data relating to selected Internet domains," says the solicitation.

Well there it is, it's not just about looking for 'terrorists' antipathy and unrest. Antipathy: a strong dislike. Unrest: turbulence, trouble or unrest especially in a political context. Hmm looking for dissenters? Not terrorists, people who disagree with the status quo?

The solicitation says the successful contractor will "analyze various Web pages, chat rooms, blogs and other Internet domains to aggregate and assess data of interest," adding, "The contractor will prioritize foreign-language domains that relate to specific areas of concern … (and) will also identify new Internet domains" that might relate to "specific local requirements" of the command.

"analyze" various web pages, chatrooms, blogs. That means spy on and monitor

Officials were keen to stress the contract covered only information that could be found by anyone with a computer and Internet connection.

"We're not interested in being Big Brother," said LeAnne MacAllister, chief spokeswoman for the command, which runs communications in Europe for the U.S. Army and the military's joint commands there.

LOL, were not interested in being Big Brother?? what in the hell does this all sound like? If it sounds like, walks like and uses language like a creepy spying Big Brother, then it has to be BIG BROTHER!

"I would not characterize it as monitoring," added Hembrook. "This is a research tool gathering information that is already in the public domain."

I would characterize this as monitoring, cause despite the spin, that is exactly what it is

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