Saturday, July 5, 2008

Watch out for zombies promoting genocidal theories!!!

Just another day, in a small city, in any country in the west. No matter where you go, what you are doing, these zombies appearing as people are around, spouting their nonsense.

By calling this person a zombie, what do I mean? I am referring to this "a wandering, soulless corpse"Why?
The nonsensical conversation this person briefly engaged me in, could have only been conducted by someone who had no soul and no life force, to respect, hence a zombie!

To what type of nonsense am I referring? Well thanks for asking. I'll be glad to enlighten you.

I am leaving the grocery store and one of the employees starts to talk about the very high gas prices, of which I am certain, most people are painfully aware. This fellow informs me we are paying these prices because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Ok, I can follow that thought.
He then tells me, and I am a perfect stranger, that 'we should just get it over with and nuke them" in Iraq and Afghanistan
I said that is highly unacceptable, and he assured me "no, it was not"
"How do you figure that"? I enquire. "Well it is going to happen anyway" he informs me. Israel has to bomb Iran , apparently because, "Iran is already enriching uranium for nuclear weapons" at least according to him. Though he is apparently oblivious to the fact, that is false!

I said, I do not think so! He assured me they are, and that "Israel has to nuke Iran before Iran nukes Israel" So he thinks "we" should just go and obliterate the entire middle east.

Well, I don't know who the hell the "we" was that he was referring to, but his vision of a "we" nuking the middle east has nothing to do with me at all!!!
He felt it was unacceptable that Iran could nuke Israel, which isn't happening and isn't going to happen, since Iran has no nuclear weapons . But, he had no issue with the thought that the West should just go and nuke the Arab countries of the Middle East.

Isn't that the most insane thinking?
To think that it is perfectly acceptable to obliterate millions of human beings, that belong to a certain ethnicity?
How is it he did not recognize the inherent racism in his statement?

I shook my head, reminded him of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, then I walked away, absolutely disgusted!

Isn't it appalling what some people think is acceptable conversation?
Genocide, this zombie, posing as a man, was supporting genocide, for Gods sake!
Did he realize that?
How is it that the zombie feels so comfortable speaking in this manner?

Night of the living dead, where have all the good souls gone!!


  1. I guess you don't read the globe and mail comments section much eh?


    there are lots of folks who see nothing wrong with nuking Iran - or for that matter any ME country (except Israel of course!;) ).

    don't these idiots know we are already nuking them?

    don't these idiots know that radioactivity doesn't stay where we think it will? what they never heard of atmospheric dust? Wind?

    *shaking my head*


  2. zombies, B, zombies, for the reasons explained, and I don't read the G&M comments section to often.

    Apparently that's a good thing, as I would have to face the reality, I am really in a bad b movie!

  3. I should add, I know this stuff is said, but, face to face? That is what got me! Brazen.

    When one writes a letter to the editor, it's just a name, printed on a piece of paper, or anonymous posting on forums.

    but to say it to a total strangers face?

    maybe sometimes, I am somewhat naive? I don't know? I like to beleive that people are decent, and I am sure that they are, but how does it get to this point? Is it all just the propaganda of the times?

    I can't give up on humanity, I would become to disillusioned.

  4. Well, the majority of people only know what the media tells them.

    These zombies (good analogy) would be spouting peace, love and understanding if the media told them that that's how they should view the world.

    Otherwise it is weird when complete strangers offer you arsehole opinions. My standard thing now is to ask them where they heard that from. They usually say the TV. And I always say, 'Is this the same TV that told you Iraq had WMD's? We took them at their word and there's a million Iraqis dead now who had no WMD's and never threatened us. But like we give a shit that we killed a million people.' If they want to argue the million number I just hammer the point about the media again.

    I don't attack their point so much as I attack how they learned it. Rather than tell them they're stupid. I tell them they've been lied to.