Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Greyhound news continues..............

I find this quite interesting, and also am noting it hasn't been widely reported on either. I first heard of this woman in the recount by Garnet Caton. He mentioned that Vince Li, had had a smoke with a woman. I wondered who was this woman, no mention of her? Until now...

Accused killer chatted with victim's co-worker

Vince Li sat with her for an hour. Then moved to back of bus beside McLean

The seeds for Tim McLean's brutal murder on board a Greyhound bus last week might have been planted when the man accused of his murder, Vince Li, spent nearly an hour chatting up the victim's co-worker during their ride through western Manitoba.

Li, 40, took a seat at the front of the bus beside a woman named Stacy after getting on board in Brandon. The pair chatted and were even seen smoking together during a rest stop.

As the bus resumed its ill-fated journey toward Winnipeg, Li suddenly moved to the back of the bus and sat beside McLean, who was listening to his headphones and apparently asleep.

Moments later, McLean was being repeatedly stabbed until he was decapitated. Horrified passengers fled the bus but managed to lock the killer inside.

McLean's family and friends don't believe Li's change-of-seating was a coincidence. And they question why he was charged with second-degree murder and not first-degree murder, which indicates planning and premeditation.

"I have this unbelievably strong feeling that him sitting beside Stacy had something to do with this," McLean's former girlfriend, Alexandra Storey, said in interview yesterday.

Tim and Stacy had become friends while working together at various western Canadian fairs through North American Midway Entertainment.

McLean's loved ones now desperately want to speak with Stacy - her last name is not known to them - to find out more about her dealings with Li on the bus.

They only know she quickly returned to B.C. after McLean's killing, and presumably after an interview with police. (Did the police interview her?)

A call to North American Midway Entertainment seeking information about the woman was not returned yesterday.

Storey is also haunted by a series of text messages McLean sent to her as he made his way through Manitoba. Her ex-boyfriend said some people were doing ecstasy on the bus.

Some medical experts say a powerful stimulant drug such as ecstasy, combined with pre-existing mental health conditions, could trigger a violent episode.

More questions:
Who is Stacey? Why did she sit with Li and not her friend? Did she know Li prior to the bus ride? How long had she know Tim McLean? McLean said some people were doing ecstasy on the bus. Was Stacey one of the people doing drugs? Did she do/give drugs to Li? ( How would Tim Mclean have known people were doing drugs? I assume he may have known because a) it was people he knew that were doing drugs or b) it was people sitting near him that he could see taking drugs, but then how would he know it was ecstasy, specifically? Unless (c) He knew the people and knew in fact they were taking ecstasy?

An aside, I noticed in the long video version of the interview with Garnet Caton, he is asked if he has military training , he acknowledges he does, and gives up some other info, but doesn't want to get into it.


  1. Good questions. There is no way you would know that people were doing ecstacy on a bus if you weren't in on the gag. Hugely unlikely. Unless they were publicly shelfing them, ha ha.

    Otherwise, lots of pointers here. A long discussion with someone before the murder is committed. Possible drugs. Co-workers and families saying it makes no sense. Proof of his madness from a professional whose stories fall at the first hurdle. And not forgetting the mad unlikeliness of it all.

    Also, who is Garnet Caton? And who has military training? Caton? Or the fellow interviewing/being interviewed by Caton. I got a bit lost on that one.

  2. This is pretty suspicious info for sure. Especially that the Stacy girl isn't offering any information and that she quickly went back home to BC or something? And no one even knows her last name. The family should definitely have the opportunity to get ahold of her, or she should at least be willing to contact the family and let them know about her conversation with Li and any other details. I hope they find out more.

  3. anonymous:

    Yah, the Stacey angle is certainly interesting.

    I too, hope they find out more with regards to her.

    The fact that she beat a hasty retreat is interesting.

  4. Nobody: Garnet Caton is one of the eyewitness's, he was on the bus at the time of the attack. He claims to have sat directly in front of the victim.

    His media recount, is on you tube

    In this video he acknowledges his military experience but does not want to get into it.