Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update : Ossetia, Georgia conflict.

Update South Ossetia: 1500 civilian casualties reported.

Rehash: Georgia attacks the break-away province, which the word "break-away" is western nonsense, Ossetia, has had it's own government since the early '90's.

Whatever the world thinks Ossetians don't care, they are their own people and country.
So Georgia attacks, why? It appears the US played the biggest hand in this, with Israel and others likely involved. Russia who is sort of the guardian country for Ossetia , since they have had peacekeepers there, for many many years now, and also more then 90 percent of South Ossetians have Russian passports, so it is obvious which way the relationship goes.

anyway, Georgia mostly had overtaken Ossetia, then Russia sent the tanks in and more.

Now Russia is bombing outside of the Ossetian borders, and Abkhazia are also helping in this fight, so it is one huge mess.

Russia says this isn't ending unless Georgia pulls back completely.

This has much to do with NATO encirclement of Russia, and lots to do with a pipeline.

Read this most excellent article here:

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline - Article: God Save the Shah

good background info

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  1. It seems our media is trying to spin this as 'Russia - bad' 'Georgia - good'.

    Thankfully, many are seeing through this and realising how Georgia has been used by the usual shit disturbers (US/UK/Israel) to incite more unrest and war.

    Georgia needs to back off - let South Ossetia go. The majority of the folks there want to rejoin Russia, or be their own nation under Russian protection.

    I hope the Georgians realise that with friends like the US/UK/Israel they need no enemies.

    Keep up the reports Pen.

    This is most likely going to get worse before it gets any better. IMO Russia is not the 'bad' guy here.