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Vince Li -greyhound attacker enters psychiatric facility

I don't know how I missed this one, since I check the news everyday for updates on this story.
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Accused killer enters psychiatric facility

What I am surprised at is the lack of news coverage on this move regarding Vince Li.

WINNIPEG - The man accused of beheading a fellow Greyhound bus passenger last month, and eating parts of the victim's body, has agreed to be represented by a lawyer, Canwest News Service has learned.

Vincent Li was also recently moved from a Manitoba jail to a locked psychiatric facility.

The developments come as Li continues to meet with medical officials for a court-ordered mental-health evaluation that will determine if he will stand trial for the July 29 killing of 22-year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus.

Moved from a jail to a psychiatric hospital? Why? Governments have incarcerated plenty of mentally ill persons in jails. Is this for the purpose of the evaluation? Is this a common practice? Will Vince Li be medicated while at this facility? I would assume so. I also wondered if he was medicated while in jail? If he is being medicated, it may explain his inability to communicate. Though it could also impede his ability to communicate to his lawyer or communicate in the courtroom.

Defence lawyer Alan Libman confirmed Monday he expects to act on behalf of Li, who made it clear during his last court appearance that he didn't want any legal help.

On that day, another lawyer had tried to speak with Li, but told the judge his attempts had failed. Li continued to communicate only through grunts and shakes of his head, except to quickly say, "Please kill me," before a packed courtroom gallery.

Libman wouldn't comment on an specific dealings with Li, or what changed the situation. Libman said his employer, Legal Aid Manitoba, wasn't going to turn its back on Li after his initial rejection of help.

"Not in a situation like this," he said.

Libman said he hasn't spoken with Li's wife, Anna, and doesn't know if she has returned to Winnipeg to meet with her husband.

Is this unusual at his point in time?

Libman was asked if he planned to make a bail application for Li.

"Absolutely not," he said.

An issue in this case is expected to be whether Li can be found criminally responsible for McLean's slaying. If not, he would be moved to a mental-health facility for an indeterminate period of time.

Li was initially being held on 24-hour suicide watch at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.

But after his last court appearance - and the judge's order for an assessment - Li was moved to the PX3 unit at the Health Sciences Centre, which is Winnipeg's only secure forensic psychiatric ward.

If Li is found NOT criminally responsible for McLeans slaying will there even be a trial ?

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Al M said...

Very good blog entry, so good its been posted to the international bus news group:

who linked to this Questions about the Greyhound Incident


  1. Not that I am actively hunting for news about Li, but it does occur to me that the whole thing has a 'swept under the carpet' sort of feel to it.

    Too many questions remained unanswered - most of which haven't even been asked by the 'press'.

    For instance: What were the cops doing for so long, when it was clear that Li was the only one on the bus? Why not just toss some tear gas and take the guy out? It's not like there is any doubt to Li's guilt?

    Also, there were elusions to drugs reported early on, what drugs were they? Were they legal? Illegal? Hmmm?

    This tragedy, this brutal, monsterous crime is being handled poorly by those involved - the police, the courts, the press.

    IOW - there is something wrong with this picture.

    Ta, for keeping me informed on this Pen.


  2. Agreed.

    How come the press has not tried to talk to the wife?

    When anything sensational happens, we usually see the press hound everyone including the neighbours dog.

    But there is allegedly a wife, and she could fill in some background holes at the very least and nothing.

  3. Penny,

    Take a look at this:

    Was Li 'off' or 'on' meds?

    I'm thinking that the drug angle was dropped due to the possibility that the 'drugs' in question were likely condoned, legal and prescribed 'mind-altering' pharmaceuticals.

    There have been many cases of people flipping out due to the use of ssris.

    ~ Buffy

  4. holy smokes!

    can we say "bad medicine"

    I wonder?

  5. Just wanted to say thanks again for the link trade, penny!

    I agree with magdelena as well, it does seem like it's been swept under the rug. There are still so many unanswered questions, and it's baffling as to why they're still not being answered. Possibly everyone is just waiting for the next trial to see what kind of response Li gives, but the drug angle was definitely dropped too quickly.

  6. And I still want to know about that girl. She's disappeared off the rader I take it?

  7. nobody: the girl is gone , the drug use is gone, no one has spoken to the wife, I wonder if anyone has actually seen her at the courthouse, the lawyer appeared to no nothing of her.

    Which is amazing given the sensational nature of this whole murder.

  8. Perhaps none of it never happened? I expect it was all a figment of our imagination. Case closed! Mind you, there was no case. Look into my eyes. There was no case...

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