Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reflecting on 9/11

Today is the 7th anniversay of the 9/11 attacks.
It is hard to believe that so much time has passed already.

Personally speaking, life has gone on, with it's ups and downs, and twists and turns.
Happiness and sadness, joys and griefs.
But one thing has not changed for me

Not from this day 7 years ago, to the present time.
Because this day 7 years ago, I said, wow, those towers came down just like a controlled demolition.
When I saw my spouse at the end of the day, those were my words.

As we sat glued to the tv screen, as I suspect a great many did that day.
We watched building number 7 come down.
It too, looked like a controlled demolition.

Those thoughts have never left my mind.

And, as the story circulated, of the man on dialysis, directing the box-cutter wielding hijackers, from the caves of Afghanistan and President Bush said - " Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th"

I still wonder to this day 7 years later, why it is, that anyone does tolerate the most outrageous conspiracy theory of all?

The official one.

So on this day, I will remember not just the people who died that day.
The citizens of America and many other countries, who were in the US at that time.
I will also remember the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, for 9/11 was their death knell.


  1. I think I was only a sophomore in high school when it happened, and even then I was thinking, how could they fall so perfectly like that? Also, how could one of the most secured countries in the world be attacked in such a way by a few people with boxcutters that supposedly learned to navigate planes in a strategic way to carry it out... people that came from a part of the world that is very un-advanced.

    I can't even watch the news today because it just makes me sick to my stomach that so much of the world is still so blind to it. I think it's hard for many to fathom the government or multiple governments lying to its people in such a huge way. It's overwhelming, not just the people who died there and overseas, but so many that have been affected by it in the long term. Citizens getting strange cancers years later from the lingering toxic fumes and that kind of thing. All because of big business and governmental greed.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, when you asked that, how could they fall so perfectly, just crumbling down.

    Another good question, how could all the security fail? How was that possible? Not one fighter jet could get in the sky on time.
    There is just no way.

    and of course there are other questions

  3. I wondered whether you were going to write something yesterday.

    While I too certainly mourn with all those whose deaths are attributable to the events on 9 11, there are many whom no doubt are rejoicing.

    Those with their interests in the MIC I'm sure couldn't be happier that the world has been launched into a state of never ending, and progressively more lethal warfare.

    It's all about the money pen - ask that lady who uses it as giftwrap.

    9 11 has also been a boom for the propaganda industy! Look at all the fearmongering they get to do - all the scapegoating and division!

    So, while some mourn on this day for the deaths of thousands, nay millions, as well as the death of what was once, long ago, a noble experiment in democracy - don't forget those who are benefitting from all this.

    And it ain't you, or I, or any of us 'useless eaters'.

    ~ Buffy

  4. so true maggie, so true.

    it is the flipside of the coin kinda thing.

    One one side , misery and death, on the other rampant profiteering and enrichment.

    Sadly it has always been that way and will continue to be that way, until the people , we the people say no more of this shit.

    Stop fighting these bogus wars, sending our loved ones to die.

  5. The World Trade Centers One and Two did not "collapse". According to the FEMA report,the primary
    debris field (not including the dust that blanketed all of lower Manhattan) was about 1200 feet in diameter for each Tower.The Towers were only 207 ft wide. They exploded.

  6. hey teacher paris:
    I do in fact believe they did explode.

    How it was done, by implosion (inwards) or by explosion (outwards) either way, the planes did not cause them to fall, nor did fires.