Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So now it seems that video was not evidence in the trial of the Toronto 18

This video "evidence", that was played on Canadian news last week, despite a publication ban on evidence in the trial, has taken an interesting turn in it's story.

Despite the media's claim that this footage was shown as "evidence" in the Toronto area trials, it turns out, it never was! It is being reported: Court here didn't know about video

But contrary to other media reports, it was never tendered as evidence in the Canadian case.

"Shot during a 12-day camp in December 2005 near Washago, Ont., the video shows men in camouflage fatigues, firing paintball guns, handling a 9-mm handgun and waving a black flag. The sound includes Arabic music, explosion noises and shouts of "God is Great."
(Done like a soundtrack over the footage, the people in the video are NOT chanting or shouting, nor exploding anything)

Defence lawyer Michael Moon doubts it will hurt his client's case, saying there's nothing "sinister" in it. "They're just horsing around, play-fighting in the snow," he said. "If you take out the criminal acts being committed by the Crown's agent, who's showing the others how to use an illegal gun, where are the terrorist acts?"

There aren't any, unless playing paintball is now a terrorist activity?

"Potential jurors may form an opinion about the case without the benefit of other evidence that would put the imagery of the video in its proper context," said Raymond Motee, who represents one of the adults arrested in 2006.
I would say that is exactly what this video was "outed" at this time. Since this whole case has, by design, played out in the court of public opinion. The actual trial itself, has been falling apart from day 1.

What makes the leak suspicious:
The fact that an election is on right now,
The fact that the trials are going so poorly, but more men are still awaiting trial and this definitely taints the potential jury pool and their ability to have a fair trial.

I am also wondering how the Canadian media found out about this obscure website?
Did someone point them in the right direction?


  1. Don't worry Penny, I'm sure lots of folks bought it!!

    Damage done.

    Anyways, they're Muslims and hence they must be terrorists. :P

    What a load of bs.

    Doesn't the press/media here vet anything anymore?

    (that was a rhetorical question)

    ~ Buffy

  2. apparently not, not until after the fact.

    It would almost seem that the media was complicit with the crown on this one, willingly or not.

    They certainly reduced the odds of a fair trial.