Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stephen Harper Conservatives- flip-floppin, bullying and prevaricating.

As all Canadians know by now, an election is on!
Aren't you all excited? It is the third one in four years.
Clearly our politicians are smitten by them, particularly Stephen Harper.
Though some polls I had seen, indicated Canadians thought the call unnecessary.

Yet somehow, Stephen thinks the odds are in his favour this time? Possibly a majority may be at hand. Or so the polls are indicating, but then, the polls indicated a majority both previous elections and that didn't happen!!

Wait a minute, hold that thought, the polls are in Mr Harper/Conservative parties favour?

Here is what Stephen said about that situation in 2006

"Fixed election dates prevent governments from calling snap elections for short-term political advantage," Harper said. "They level the playing field for all parties and the rules are clear for everybody."

"But fixed election dates stop leaders from trying to manipulate the calendar simply for partisan political advantage."

He said he was willing to give up a prerogative traditionally enjoyed by sitting prime ministers.

"I read the polls saying if I called an election now we would win a majority. The same polls also say no one wants an election now, and no one does want an unnecessary election. So unless we're defeated or prevented from governing we want to keep moving forward to make this minority parliament work over the next 3½ years."

Hmmm? Flip-floppin Harper? He who campaigned on fixed election dates?!
Calling a snap election because it is politically advantageous, though Canadians don't want one? You will note, we are not well into 2009.

Onward ho!

Then there was/is the dirty tricks book. I blogged on this one not to long ago. Refresh your memory here : The Canadian Conservatives and their dirty dealings book

Last year, the governing Conservatives prepared a secret handbook on how to disrupt parliamentary committees and create chaos. No mere pamphlet, the book ran to 200 pages.

So when Mr Harper complains that he can't work with the other parties in this minority government, he and his cronies have worked very hard to create the situation he claims is intolerable!

Hang on there is more:

The Chuck Cadman affair: Allegations of bribery by conservatives, to a dying MP, to swing the vote in favour of the Conservative Government. A tape indicates Stephen Harper knew all about. Harper feigned outrage and sued the Liberal party, except on Sept 03/08 , Stephen Harper testified he did indeed authorize for an offer to be made.

Oh and who can forget the election funding scandal, which is being investigated, but in the ultimate show of disdain to the Canadian people, the Tories just didn't bother to show up!
11 Tories no-shows at campaign-funding probe

Then more recently there was the Stephen Harper temper tantrum over Elizabeth Mays(Green party) inclusion in the leadership debate( Jack Layton is guilty here to):

Stephen Harper threatened he will not participate in the debate if Elizabeth May is included.
I say, that is his choice, who cares, but the media caved. May is out!
Amazing considering the Bloc Quebecois always participate!
Layton erred in my opionion, but at least he admitted it and he is hearing about it from NDP members. Harper in his typical style is skirting the issue, with his double speak political gibberish.

Would you vote for this nightmare of a government?
Oh yeah, I'll tackle the Liberals in another post.


  1. I'll remind 'you know who' about all this - LOL

    I'll even make him read it tonight!!

    Thing is though, election time is all about choosing the least worst of a few meager choices. IOW - no matter who wins - it's business (lies) as usual.

    Libs/cons - same coin different side.

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