Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vince Li appears in Court tomorrow

Li back in court Monday

The man charged with the gruesome slaying and decapitation of a Winnipeg man in July is due to be back in court next week.

Vince Weiguang Li is facing a second-degree murder charge for the death of Tim McLean Jr. on a Greyhound bus, about 20 kilometres west of Portage la Prairie on July 30.

Li has been undergoing a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation since his last court appearance. His case is scheduled to be back in Portage court on Sept. 8.

It will be interesting to note Li's demeanor at this appearance, because, I am of the opinion he was been drugged, during his previous appearance.
It's just what I think.


  1. He will appear as if drugged, and he will plead guilty. No prosecution, no evidence, no witnesses, no cross-examination. Who'll give me odds?


    I just read the above. Apparently they're gonna extend his assessment for another month. I guess maybe he's still not responding to them much? They haven't gotten a lot out of him yet? Wtf is wrong with people.

    Lawyers will still go to court tomorrow to give an update but Li won't be appearing. I think I agree with you in the big picture, nobody.

  3. A plea will be entered for him,by his legal-aid lawyer, he will not speak on his own, he will likely nod in agreement, the plea will be not guilty by reason of insanity.

    There will be no trial, Li will be locked away, and kept drugged

  4. Who cares if this guy is not mentally fit, LOOK WHAT HE DID! there is no justice in this country whatsoever, this guy needs to be punished regardless of his mental state that is no excuse for murder let alone decapitation RIDICULOUS!! even if he is in a psychiatric board it means nothing he is being looked after for the rest of his life this is not fair he decapitates a man and then is taken care of for the rest of his life...does this seem fair to anyone? he needs to go to jail and face whatever comes his way NO ONE should get away with something like this NO ONE!

  5. anonymous: spend time at a psychiatric institution, and figure out the answer to your claims based on knowledge and not irrational claims.

    He will be punished regardless of his mental state.

    He is not "getting away" with anything, I hardly consider lifetime incarceration getting away with something.

    Nor do I consider a life sentence of mental illness, getting away with something, a lifetime distress , disorder and personal chaos, can hardly be considered a terrific hand to be dealt, but nonetheless, it is , what it is.

    Just a suggestion, to help you understand the absolute misery and anguish of the mentally ill, see if a local hospital accepts volunteers, or any of the number of outreach programs in many communities across Canada, who daily help the mentally ill with there monumental struggles.