Sunday, October 12, 2008

US controls bird flu VACCINES.

Interesting news story. The US controls bird flu vaccines over bioweapons fear ?

Controlling vaccines over bioweapons fear? I could understand the control of the viruses, over bio-weapons fear, but the vaccines? Regardless of what the headline reads US controls bird flu vaccines over bioweapon fears, the story contained under this headline, seems to point in another direction.

Remember back when Indonesia stopped sending the US samples of the bird flu viruses?
Indonesia claimed the US was going to use the viruses for bio weapons and Defense Secretary Robert Gates said " that was the nuttiest thing" he had ever heard.

Yet buried in some little non-descript report, is one lone sentence, that says the US bars the export of the vaccine, not the virus, to countries designated as "state sponsors of terrorism"
Now as anyone with a working brain should know, "state sponsor of terrorism" is a euphemism for " countries we want to control every aspect of ".
And why is it that these countries can't have the vaccine?
Because the US fear that they (the vaccines) "will be used for biological warfare".

But as this guy says:

They make "no scientific sense," said Peter Palese, chairman of the microbiology department at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He said the bird flu vaccine, for example, can be used to contain outbreaks in poultry before they mutate to a form spread more easily between people.

"The more vaccines out there, the better," he said. "It's a matter of protecting ourselves, really, so the bird flu virus doesn't take hold in these countries and spread."

And therein lies the rub.

Despite the title of this article, this action on the part of the US seems more about curtailing the ability of certain countries "state sponsors of terrorism" , to control and contain outbreaks. A dangerous game for the US to play, one would think?

Wouldn't that be 'convenient' if , speculating here, the US was to use such a virus as a bio-weapon and then to withhold the vaccine, to coerce an 'offending' country into compliance.??

When U.S. Commerce Assistant Secretary Christopher Wall, was questioned on this subject he declined to elaborate on the precise threat posed by vaccines for chickens infected with avian influenza, except to say there are "valid security concerns" that they "do not fall into the wrong hands.

One wonders why he just didn't say, get lost, cause that was what he said anyway, in an official political sort of way.

But some experts say the idea of using vaccines for bioweapons is far-fetched, and that in a health emergency, it is unclear how quickly authorities could cut through the current red tape to get the vaccines distributed

So by controlling these vaccines it would make it harder to contain an outbreak of bird flu in a country designated as a "state sponsor of terrorism"???

A researcher at the University of Toronto pointed out- "it would be ironic if the bird flu virus morphed into a more dangerous form in one of those countries."

Irony? Well one could say that, certainly irony hadn't crossed my mind.


  1. "it would be ironic if the bird flu virus morphed into a more dangerous form in one of those countries."

    Indeed, it would be a useful little coincidence.

    The programming is complete: The people now really do believe that the Government is there to protect you.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. I thought the same thing when I read article. "Useful coincidence".

    The headline and the story were completely out of sync.

    And clearly nothing was as it seemed.

  3. Hmm... what if the last bird flu outbreak was merely a trial run? What if it was a twofer that also served the purpose of broadly promoting the otherwise unlikely prospect of it morphing into human-to-human version? This to prepare us for the created human-to-human virus that they have sitting around in the lab waiting for the right moment.

    Of course keeping in mind that the vaccine for bird flu was made by Gilead Corporation, a major shareholder of which is Donald Rumsfeld who on this trial run made out like a bandit.

    With the CFR having already declared an ideal world population of 500M and that the best means of doing it are via warfare, disease, and starvation, I have no doubt that all bioweapons research is for offensive purposes. If you see a pandemic on the TV, it's possible it is what they say it is. But unlikely.

  4. what if it was a trial run?
    To test the vaccines?
    To see if it could/would mutate?
    To see how far it could spread?
    To test all manner of outcomes?

    I think there was another reason for the spread of the bird flu virus, and it has to do with GM foods.
    Think about all the birds that were killed in the 'cull'
    now think of genetically modified resistant strains of birds, owned by monsanto or some other gian agri-business, then see the dollar signs, always follow the money,

  5. Sure. All perfectly possible. Nothing is a one-shot. Most things are a three-fer minimum. The only mistake is underestimating the viciousness of these sons of bitches.