Monday, October 6, 2008

Vince Li update

Li doesn't appear in court

Vince Li, the man accused of killing and beheading fellow Greyhound bus passenger 22-year-old Tim McLean on July 30, did not appear in court as scheduled on Monday. Li was supposed to appear in court on Sept. 8, but his psychiatric assessment had not been completed at that time. He was supposed to appear again on Monday. While the assessment is now complete, according to lawyers on the case, Li's case is still being assessed, and not ready for the courtroom as of Monday. No information from the report can be revealed at this time under the privacy and protection act as it is feared any information from the report could prejudice Li's case.

According to sources at the courthouse, Li is co-operating fully with psychiatrists and lawyers.

Gordon Bates, one of the lawyers assigned to Li's case, said, "We are prepared to consent to his committal to stand trial on second degree murder."

Li's case will next appear in Court of Queen's Bench on Nov. 6 in Portage la Prairie. This date is to establish the trial date to decide if he is criminally responsible for his actions. Li will not be appearing.

or this news story:Vince Li To Stand Trial

A man accused of beheading a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus will stand trial for second-degree murder.

The decision was made Monday at a Portage la Prairie court hearing for Vincent Li, who is accused of killing Tim McLean in July. Defence lawyers Alan Libman and Gordon Bates say the trial will hinge on whether their client should be deemed criminally responsible.

The lawyers and the Crown have agreed not to release details of Li's court-ordered psychiatric assessment because it could be prejudicial to his trial. They also say Li is co-operating with authorities and is not under a suicide watch.
The case is to return to court Nov. 6.

When that takes place Li again will not appear in court! The guilt is a foregone conclusion, it all boils down to wether he is criminally responsible or not. Hence no real investigation!
Here is what some of us had to say on the first appearance


  1. no
    I wonder if he is ever going to appear?
    But then why bother, this has been a for gone conclusion all along.

    No need to look into the drug useage, or the woman on the bus, nothing, even the immediate charge of second degree murder???

    programmed to kill

  2. No surprise to me either. So they are just going to determine whether he is criminally responsible or not based on the psychiatric assessment? What if he is truly criminal responsible, and they just automatically concluded in the beginning that anyone who would do that kind of thing would HAVE to be insane? You can give anyone a psychiatric assessment, and anyone can come up with something to make themselves show signs of mental illness. Just my opinion. They made it way too easy for him.

    Heard any updates on the lawsuit from the family yet?

  3. Yep, ever the cynic me, I wonder if they're not taking their time on account of the difficulty of making a person who's been tampered with (Programmed to Kill style), seem to be a run-of-the-mill nutbar. If you can dig it. It's also possible they're still tweaking his medication to get him to say what they want without being comatose. Jesus! I am a cynic ain't I?

  4. Notice no one mentions the police response time - at all!

    Also, there is certainly no doubt about him being guilty.

    Here's hoping it's a very short trial. If he doesn't enter a guilty plea, well then I can say I've seen it all.

    Nobody - he is 'co-operating' with treatment... so yeah they're tweaking his meds...

    What a f*n farce.

    I still want to see the coppers on trial for their inept handling of the entire affair.

  5. hmm, has anyone noticed the other news story about the bus in vancouver, i think and the roll again of law enforcement in that one?

    I'll post it, but, it has me going wtf?
    s-haven't heard anything about the lawsuit.

    Is he being drugged, absolutley, are they tweaking them absolutely.
    I am sure they are going for just the right balance of control for this case.
    Also S difference of opinion is ok with me, but I myself, have come to the conclusion that the only ones this whole mess was easy for was law enforcement.

    They did nothing at the scene, no real investigation, they have their perp incarcerated and drugged, and virtually under state control, this is win, win and win for them all around.

  6. Yeah for sure, the police are being protected way too much. I just read the other story about the Vancouver bus incident. Police putting more unstable people on buses huh? Ridiculous.

  7. it really is,and then they claim, we did nothing wrong, what???

    If this guy was either intoxicated or on drugs of some type and was already creating a disturbance elsewhere, why on earth would they put him on the bus??