Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bloggers, not just better looking and smarter, but also happier ?

Cause I KNOW we are all fabulously gorgeous & smart persons !

Isn't this interesting?

Unhappy People Watch LOTS More Television

But is it the chicken or the egg that comes first?

Researchers are unsure if it is the viewing of tv that makes people unhappy, or do unhappy people just watch more television?

The happy people in this study watched 19 hours of television a week, the unhappy watched 25 hours.

I am unsure if I even watch 19 hours of television myself.......

So what do you think?

Based on this study, I think the bloggers should be a happy lot, since none of us seem to watch alot of television. ( Mike Rivero: who can't possibly have the time, maggie, meria heller, nobody, s., silverfish, etc. apologies to anyone I may have missed)

We are certainly reading more stuff, books , newspapers, each others writings etc. Oui ?

All that reading certainly requires more then just passive participation.

Is this what keeps us happy, actively participating in discussions, that stimulate our thoughts, our minds, or brains???

Inquiring non-passive, non-television watching minds (ok, me) wanna know, so dish, please dish!


  1. Silly Gurrl, everyone knows the Rooster Always cums first, but I digress.

    As far as watching main stream television this is something that I have NOT done for a very long time indeed. Why would I spend so much time paying attention to so little?
    Now although I do have several large sets in my home none of them are connected to anything but a not so old Sony Beta VCR donated by a friend in the broadcasting Ind. As beta is still the best format and is still used as the Ind. standard and as I have a gazillion beta tapes that I simply could not bear to part with this dear sweet person took pity on me and threw a pearl before a swine. Oh yes lest I forget my newly acquired high end $20.00 CD player.

    So my question would be, are they really televisions when they are not connected to a telecast signal, or are they just monitors?

    If indeed they are just monitors then I do not watch television. Whoo Hoo doing happy dance.

    I think Stupid people watch main stream television and then they become unhappy. Then they watch more and by dint become MORE stupid and MORE unhappy much like a drug addict or one addicted to gambling same thing really.
    Always looking for that elusive something to make them happy and it's just not there. It's not supposed to be there and even if it was what would they do with that type of happiness, Marry Sienfeld?

    Think about it, does the drug pusher really bring happiness, or does he simply get you hooked on that which you do not need and will do you great harm simply to feather his own nest? Most drug pushers don't partake of their own product, there's a very good reason for this. Main stream media works in much the same manner.

    These people whose minds revolve around the idiot box, their lives seem, no are, so devoid of anything above the banal that they are entertained by elves selling cookies or news casters selling bullshit..
    I shake my head.

  2. And then there's people like me, stuck in a house with an old man who must have the tv on sports every waking moment. And quite a few sleeping ones now that I think about it. God I hate the television.

    Speaking of drugs, I'm quitting cigs again so I'm quite grumpy. Don't give me a hard time or I'll bite your head off. Just joking. Not really. Grrr....

  3. The calm before the storm perhaps.

  4. silverfish: good theory.

    I was thinking along the lines that is the tv watching that did indeed make people unhappier.

    How can one live up to all those beautiful people, homes, clothes and cars, and they never seem to go to work, unless the work is a setting for utter nonsense.

    Yet, it is supposed to be entertainment, and IMO people lose sight of that. They become 'involved' in the 'lives' of these characters, as if, as if they are real for goodness sakes.

    I have heard people actually talk like that, and I cannot get my head around that???

    Additionaly so much 'entertainment' is really just advertising.

    What with product placements in movies and tv shows.

    thanks silverfish, oh and as for the rooster???? nasty strutting fellow ;)

  5. hey nina !

    and nobody: I hope it goes well for you, it seems it is a difficult time to do that, but, maybe it will work out.

    I am rooting for you!!!

  6. Hey guys,

    I agree with you all - practically all TV sucks.

    I also think that too much TV has contributed to this epidemic of ADD, or ADHD, as it discourages focusing and concentrating on something for more than five minutes at a time.

    And Nobody, as you are aware I have the same problem with my Dad - exceptin' it's news channels (even worse)!!! Ack.

    That all said, I do love my sci-fi.
    But, I can watch these programs, where one pretty much never sees a product placement on DVD. Seems to me though that the best shows, those that do challenge the viewer to actually think, don't last too long. Firefly was a good example of this until the PTB told Whedon to shut it down. Thankfully, those behind Battlestar Gallactica knew they could only get away with a short run - and have ruffled many feathers with some tough themes - suicide bombings, torture, religion and the like. I'm not surprised that praise for the show fell off after they had the heros suicide bombing and star chambering the traitors.

    Good show - there are a few - but not many. And BG will end this winter.

    Best to rent them and discard all the ads.

    Still, I prefer reading though sadly one of my favourite all time authors has alzheimers.. don't know how many more diversions we will see from him. Hopefully, a few, though I noticed a difference in his last book, not one of his best - the wit was repetitive and the story more than predictable *sigh*. Back to the non-fiction shelves. (Reading the God delusion, my son's copy, currently).