Friday, November 21, 2008

Greyhound attacker- Vince Li - trial is moved

From not appearing in court, due to security concerns, to now stand trial in a Winnipeg courtroom that is actually more convenient for the family.

Oh, and now it is trial by judge alone, rather then as previously reported, Li had wanted a trial by jury.

Bus beheading case moving to Winnipeg court

At Court of Queen's Bench in Portage on Friday, a motion was put forward by the Crown and defence attorneys to have Li's case moved to Winnipeg court because of security issues.

Justice John Scurfield accepted the Crown and defence's motion.

"Security is an issue," he said during the hearing. "That's a concern from the Crown and the RCMP. There is no security in Portage's court house."

He noted the Portage courtroom lacks metal detectors and security at the doors to provide increased safety for those attending.
I note the crown and the defence both requested this move. ( which was a common theme in Dave McGowan's serial killer book, where the crown and defence , worked in tandem with one another)

"We have received some threats," she said. "They are not specific enough in nature that we could lay any type of criminal charge. Also, it's not something that could be completely identified to a particular person.
hmm, so move him closer to the people or persons who may possibly be doing the threatening?

The change of venue may also be convenient to the victim's family.

And the other change besides venue? No jury.

The case will proceed with a judge alone trial, without a jury.

"This is going to be a lot of psychiatric evidence as opposed to evidence from witnesses, and a judge may be in a better position to deal with it," said Crown attorney Joyce Dalmyn to reporters after the court hearing.

some additional info:

He added the psychological assessment is still ongoing.

Libman expected the agreed statement of facts to be presented in court likely in late February or early March.

"It would be presented in court," said Libman. "There would be no need to call any civilian witnesses. We anticipate the only witnesses will be forensic psychiatrists."

Vince Li's case is next scheduled for Winnipeg court at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 10, at which time a trial date will be set.


  1. Ha Ha maybe they read my piece in here. (snork, chorkle)

  2. "This is going to be a lot of psychiatric evidence as opposed to evidence from witnesses, and a judge may be in a better position to deal with it,"

    Pathetic. Some variation of this could be said about any trial that consists of anything more than a mugging.

    And "psychological assessment is still ongoing" equals "we're still fine-tuning his drug/hypnosis regimen".

    For mine, this thing still stinks to high heaven.

  3. Holy crappolli batman...

    No witnesses??? No jury??

    I too smell a stinking rotten rat.

    And, Nobody - if they don't get his cocktail right they can allow a nice little security breach, and whammo - a bad situation turned good.

    What a F*n crazy world.

  4. Okie Dokie:

    In the case of Mr. Li I find myself having somewhat mixed feelings. Firstly the motion to hold the trial in WPG and by judge alone is the first thing about this whole sordid mess that has made any sense at all. Of course there will be the herd of psychiatrists (useless bastards all) who will line up to get their pound of flesh but such is life.
    At least the Jew Lawyers will be left out of the loop for a change, and this Crown Attorney Joyce Dalmyn I know her personally and that bitch couldn’t pick her nose without instructions much less pick a jury. You should see the way she dresses, everything she wears looks like she bought it on SALE at the goodwill store, and by Canadian standards she’s one of the good ones. Lord have mercy.

    Anyhoos when all is said and done Mr. Li will be sent (after being found not guilty of murder by reason of mental defect) to the mental institution in Selkirk Manitoba for an indeterminate period. (That would read for the rest of his life) just like what happened to my second cousin who shot both of his parents and stuffed them into the deep freeze like game birds. But that’s another story. Strange thing is that his case NEVER hit the news, but it didn’t happen on a greyhound bus either. Just a dumpy little town in Southern Manitoba, things like that never happen there Don’t yuh know.

    The really sad part of this is that I can take my cousin out for day passes once a month and sometimes for a weekend to my cabin at the lake. However even if he were to be off of his so called meds I would have absolutely no fear of this man, his parents were assholes and as far as I’m concerned he did the right thing, but that’s just me.
    Having said that I many times think that a bullet to the back of the head would have been preferable to that which my cousin has now. The drugs that they have him on have turned his once brilliant mind into wallpaper paste and that which he is now is hardly alive. Certainly he is no longer a threat to society but neither is a carrot. To punish a person for that which they had no control over can never be considered just anymore than it is just to blame an attack dog for doing that for which it was trained. (Stupid analogy I know but it’s the only one in my addled state that I could come up with).

    So perhaps if Mr. Li was released on his own recognizance he would never do anything wrong or nasty ever again, but that we do not know. If I could foretell the future and see what Mr.Li would or wouldn’t do, I would, but I can’t, nor can you or anyone else. So we as a good and decent society take this person, lock them up in the place of the soft d├ęcor destroy what is left of their minds with drugs and say all is right with the world.

    So in the end Society is satisfied that some form of justice was done, much money will have been spent,(see last comment on the subject on the cost of courtrooms in Manitoba) the Psychiatrists will continue to doll out the drugs, the Media will run all of the sordid details, Mr. Li will be happy in is little brain dead drug induced world and the headless bus man will still be dead.

    I don’t have the answers, perhaps someone else does.

  5. you know I have to work on my response and right now I am pooped, tired, but have no fear, I will be back.

    I did want to mention , someone had left a response here, on the Vince li story prior to this one, the response addressed the threats made against Vince Li

    it went like this

    "Just want to speak to the comment about the cost of transporting him to and from court appearances. It would seem that cost would not be a factor as it would seem reasonable to believe that they will be transporting jury members. These jury members are quite likely to come from a distance as they are supposed to be impartial. Also about the death threats, they are very real, in fact they are on facebook. I believe that the reluctance to transport li to and from court is that if he is outside of that institution then he is a sitting duck as there are far more opportunities on the outside than there are in there to kill the son of a bitch."

    November 19, 2008 9:49 PM

    Thanks to this person for an interesting comment, btw.

    I do not think they would necessarily be transporting juror, anyone?

    Also the threats on facebook, and it is likely they are there.


    These should be very easily trackable, and I mean very easily.

    So would these be taken seriously, seriously enough to have warranted keeping him out of the courtroom, then to change the venue?

    I don't know.

    I wonder at the foolishness of making such public threats. I understand the angry feelings but, the threats themselves could get one into lots of trouble.

    Anyway, just wondering aloud???

  6. Hey Silv, have you read this? It's McGowan's analysis of serial killers. It's from the same book that 'The Pedophocracy' comprises the first six chapters of. Pen, Buff, and yours truly have sort of been approaching the Li thing from this angle. Certain things like no jury make a different kind of sense.

    It's possible that the Li thing is what they say it is, ie. a single nutbar on a binge. Or it could be something else altogether. Have a read (and it ain't nothing if not fascinating) and see how you view the Li thing.