Friday, November 7, 2008

Greyhound killing update-Vince Li death threats?

It is being reported here , here and here that Vince Li is receiving death threats.

Conveniently, since it it alleged there have been these threats, Vince Li is not required to make any routine court appearances.

There is no indication who the threats are coming from. Was it a person, more then one person, a group, who? Just, what seems to be vague rumours ? But not only are these vague rumours, well...vague, they appear to be contradictory.

This is what is being reported:

"There have been some threats uttered that cause concern so obviously we would prefer to limit his appearances in a courtroom if at all possible," said Crown attorney Joyce Dalmyn.

Dalmyn would not elaborate on the threats, but said there was no mention of Li's safety at the forensic psychiatric unit at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre.

If there have been threats against Li's life, wouldn't the Health Sciences Centre be concerned also? Because, really where there is a will , there is a way.

If the threats are legit, I would think the Winnipeg Health Science Centre would be concerned, not just for their patient/prisoner Vince Li, but , should they not be concerned for the well being of other patients and staff at the Centre?

Also being reported is this:

Dalmyn also said the economics of transporting Li from Winnipeg to Portage was also a factor in the decision to not have Li brought to court each time it appears on the docket.

Looking at what is being reported the one conclusion I can draw is the Crown definitely does not want Li appearing in the courtroom, until absolutely necessary. Why?
Is it really death threats? Is it the "economics" of transporting Li ? Or is it something else?

Apparently Vince Li has opted for trial by Jury, but the only consideration at the trial will be wether he is criminally responsible.

Li's defense lawyer, Alan Libman said in a recent interview that whether the 40-year-old should face criminal sanctions is "the sole issue" of the case.

"If someone commits an offense while suffering a disease of the mind and they don't know their actions are wrong, they can't be held criminally responsible," Libman said.

So , I am perplexed why he would choose a jury trial?

I wonder if he will testify on his own behalf ?


  1. Onya Pen, more grist for the mill of the cynical. As always the thick plottens...

  2. hah, so they're trying to protect him, yet he chose a jury trial? the jury will be citizens of Winnipeg, no? I'm guessing that it's mainly the family/friends and citizens of Winnipeg who made death threats, if that's at all true.

    I wonder if any of these brilliant lawyers/psychiatrists working on his case have taken into consideration the fact that he attempted to flee by jumping out of a window of the bus -- indicating that he did in fact know at the time that what he did was criminally wrong.

  3. s. that is what makes this all so contradictory, the death threats?
    though not noted at the mental care facility?

    The trial by jury?
    why would anyone who committed this type of crime opt for that?
    Unless totally insane?

    I wonder if they are actually trying to protect him, or if this is just some vague excuse to keep him out of the courtroom? To keep him from speaking?

    I have had questions on this one from the get go.
    the drugs?
    the woman on the bus?
    the non action on the part of the rcmp?
    What if Li would say something in court that the crown, (which is the state) doesn't want made public?????

  4. god nobody, if I get any more cynical??

    is that even possible?

  5. i think I better explain the comment, "What if Li would say something in court that the crown, (which is the state) doesn't want made public?????"

    and that is the reason that he is being kept out of the courtroom?

    I think back to a notorious Canadian murder trial, the trial of Paul Bernardo, and the sweetheart deal given to his wife Karla Homolka, together these two murdered 3 young girls, including Karla Homolka's little sister.
    They drugged, raped, cut the bodies up, encased in cement, etc.
    I mean this was a horrific case.
    Unbeknownst to the Canadian public, the crown had made a "sweetheart" deal in exchange for testimony with Ms Homolka, claiming she was a battered wife, but, video evidence, which the crown was aware of indicated otherwise, she was fully participatory.
    The crown covered it's tracks, through a publication ban etc.,

    In other words Ms Homolka's trial, was kept quiet, the Canadian public did not know what she had plead in response to her charges.

    the publication ban on her trial was presented as a means of ensuring Paul Bernardo a fair trial.
    Myself, I think the crown wanted to keep out of public knowledge for as long as they could, what kind of a deal they had made with the three time murderess.

    Btw: Karla Homolka is a free woman.

    Therefore, we can't automatically assume the crown is protecting Vince Li, when in fact they could be protecting the state, or something else entirely.

    We just don't know.

  6. if anyone is interested in reading on this case

  7. Good heavens pen whens the last time you were at HSC? My wife used to work in the psyc ward at HSC and it's a joke. The place is like a fucking zoo, secuity my ass.

    As for the non action on the part of the r.c.m.p the ONLY thing those pigs are any good at is tazering unarmed victims. Like tourists from Poland. Hey welcome to Canada Zzzzzzzzzz.

  8. hey silverfish, good to see ya here!

    thankfully, I have never been to that facility,lol.

    The missus worked there?

    a zoo, with lax security?
    so could anyone get in and kill Vince Li? I wonder?

    As for the rcmp, yah, they will taze anyone who is actually doing nothing, and they will taze them multiple times for doing nothing.

    Remember when they tazed the old fellow in his hospital bed, he was like 82 years old and they tazed him multiple times?
    Cause he was a an oxygen deprived threat?
    Oh, they are good at doing politicians dirty work.

  9. Dear Penny
    Seeing that Mr. Nobody has chosen to ignore his legions of loyal readers esp. those of us poor hermits mired ass deep in snow in lue of the monkey on his back, and has taken the road leading only to that almost bottomless pit called REEFER MADNESS (shudder). I shall with a snarl turn on you helpless Blogger.

    Now in the case of Mr. Li. Firstly I really don’t give a crap about what all of the hoopla is about concerning this case as it is no case at all, not criminally at any rate, nasty yes, criminal no. Now don’t get me wrong I really do feel for the family and friends of the headless busman but the man Mr. Li is clearly unbalanced, but not necessarily a criminal. We’ve all had bad days , we’ve all wanted to do things that would be mildly put socially unexceptionable. For instance even being somewhat of a hermit I do still travel a fair amount internationally as well as intercontinental by air. There is little that is more annoying than being stuck on a plane for ten hours and to be assailed and assaulted by some unruly degenerate child of a degenerate (makeup applied heavily) mother who seems to think that the antics of her crotch dropping is amusing. Well it AIN’T amusing not even a little bit and if there weren’t so many witnesses , like how do you quietly kill a child with a plastic knife? And even if yuh did seems the little bastards won’t flush, their heads get stuck.

    Back to Mr. Li ok so he had a bad day, perhaps he had had many bad days but still, one dose not get onto a greyhound bus with the intention of cutting a strangers head off, that is unless one is mentally deranged. Personally I don’t think this was his intention, but then again Why did he have the hunting knife? Perhaps it was his intention that if the bus hit a deer on route, then he could use the knife and whip up some Cum Pow Roadkill at the next bus stop. Who knows? Certainly not the likes of I.

    As for the security at HSC forget it, not only is there none to speak of but all of the rhetoric concerning the lack thereof is nothing more than Wooooo look at us and how hard we’re trying to protect Mr. Li who doesn’t need protecting , except perhaps from friends and family of the aforementioned headless Busman.
    Even if these hardened mourners/thugs were a threat to Mr.Li the powers that be have their names and should have photos of them to give to “the security” agents. Sorry I forgot that these security agents hired to stand guard and patrol the darkened hallways of the Winnipeg Heath Science Center do better with apprehending vagrant shopping carts than they do with protecting life and limb.

    Like were the hell was the security when one Brian Lloyd Sinclair a seriously handicapped individual who after being sent to HSC by his Dr. for a severe bladder infection died while sitting in his wheelchair for 32 goddamn hours in the waiting room. One would think that someone ie. SECURITY would have noticed the Same man sitting in the SAME WHEELCHAIR for THREE shifts of work. This man died for lack of a catheter change and a shot of antibiotic. On second thought he died because of the unmitigated incompetence of hospital staff at HSC. Mr. Li stands a much better chance of being killed by hospital staff at HSC than he dose from grieving family members or the outraged villagers carrying pitchforks and torches. As for the family , they will get over the angst, the sorrow no not ever but the angst yes as they are not crazies.
    The villagers? A blast of pepper spray and a few hundred thousand volts of R.C.M.P generated “get out of our country you polish bastard” Zzzzzzzz and “take that you 82 year ole bed ridden cardiac threat to society armed with a pen knife” Zzzzzzzz should, one would think be enough to send the peasants scurrying.

    Hey I’ve got an idea , actually several.
    Firstly: If they want transport Mr. Li to a Portage la Prairie courthouse in a secure and timely fashion why the hell not send him there in a Brinks Truck? These things are rolling fortresses complete with armed guard’s, gunports and such. Not only that but Brinks makes daily trips to Portage from Winnipeg to haul cash from the banks and vending machines anyway. So why not just throw him in the back on top of a sack of coin, it’s not like he’s going to steal any wearing his pocket less orange jump suit. Even if he did the Cops could bust him at the courthouse. Then Pepper Spray and Tazer the hell out of him, yuh know just to get him used to the Chemicals and Electro Shock Therapy that he’s going to get after they lock him up in the place of the Soft D├ęcor. .

    Secondly: Why not use the Ultra Most Highest Security Courthouse in the Province?
    You know the one, the one that was constructed just twenty some miles south of Winnipeg in a get this , (abandoned feed mill) at a cost of 3.6 million dollars. The one with three tiers of 32 clear bulletproof polycarbonate boxes were the defendants were to be seated and chained to the floor. All this to try the 32 members of the Indian Posse, aka the baddest most totally nasty bunch o injuns you ever laid eye’s on. Whoops not used as the Posse is still in the jug awaiting trial, to date cost to us including legal fees some 20 Million. And the lawyers dance.
    Then it was to be used to try the Manitoba Warriors another band o renegades, also didn’t happen. And the Lawyers dance.
    And lest we forget it was to be used after an (oh my) upgrade in security to try some members of the Hells Angles also hasn’t happened because key witnesses turned up DEAD and the case fell apart. That upgrade cost was an additional 3.2 million, plus court costs of 2.2 million and the lawyers Dance, Shucks darn.

    So maybe if they want to try Mr. Li in sort of almost maybe total safety perhaps they should try him there? as it’s not being used for anything else and it’s not far. But really what I think they should do is simply present ALL of the facts to a judge and let him or her make the only reasonable judgement. This case dose not need a jury that can be played by some shyster lawyer, what it needs is some commons sense. As uncommon as that is this day.

    Thanks Penny et al. I will go back to my little room now and dream of things not white and fluffy. I hate snow.

  10. lol silverfish, snow?
    haven't seen any in my neck of the woods...yet.
    Last week was balmy 70 degrees f

    I was painting, painting, painting, outside, sans jacket.

    btw: I agree with you on the trial by judge being the sensible way to go.

    Interesting that you mention the super secure courtroom.

    Why don't they just use that courtroom, if security is such a concern?

    I am still going with the motivation to keep him out of the courtroom.

    and btw thanks for your insight, and graciously visiting the blog.

  11. Easy Now, Silverfish.

    You sound very angry, but I'am sure you are a team player like we all try to be.

    Hey there Penny,
    It has been a while, but always do check in just to catch up on what's going on. Have had a number of issues to deal with.
    Still my favourite blog. I recommend your site very highly.
    Missed you guys. Hope to join in more. Where is Nobody?


  12. hey effie:

    how are you doing, and I did wonder where you had popped off to.

    nobody is around still,,,,
    though apparently he has had some lax moments or some down time, or perhaps some "high" times in the town.

  13. Just want to speak to the comment about the cost of transporting him to and from court appearances. It would seem that cost would not be a factor as it would seem reasonable to believe that they will be transporting jury members. These jury members are quite likely to come from a distance as they are supposed to be impartial. Also about the death threats, they are very real, in fact they are on facebook. I believe that the reluctance to transport li to and from court is that if he is outside of that institution then he is a sitting duck as there are far more opportunities on the outside than there are in there to kill the son of a bitch.