Friday, November 28, 2008

Is this how bad boys are made?

"Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?"

I saw a police car. Not that unusual right?

People milling around in front of the local bowling alley. A cop was in the parking lot along side the building. What was this all about?

I usually steer clear of this kind of crap. But this was different because I could hear a small child screaming and noticed a cop subduing him. Ya know how they put their knee down on people? Well he had his knee on this child. And this child was screaming! "Get off of me". "Get off of me."
I could here the terror and panic in his voice.
I decided I was going to pass right by this, this... I don't know what this was? A melee?

A couple with an infant in a stroller were very nearby. The male was looking on at what was unfolding. But the woman. She would not look. She had her back to the scene, she had her hands on her face, somewhat covering her mouth, she looked at me, tears were running down her face.
On her face was a look of horror, distress.

There was your typical young bottle blonde skanky looking woman, who appeared to be the mother, and also appeared to be perfectly ok with what was going on.

In fact I would assume, she was the one who called the police.

As I drew closer, I saw the the cop had moved to the side of the child, and was holding him by his upper arms. He was asking "Do you want to go for a ride in my car"? The child was just crying and screaming and saying no, NO, NO. He looked to be about 5 yrs old. The skanky blonde was talking to the cop.

All I could think as I passed by this scene was what in the hell was going on? What could a 5 yr old have done? What behaviour so bad? That a parent would actually think it was OK to call the police to reign in their own young child?

Before my eyes, an entire scene unfolded.

A mother, a clueless mother, who cannot find a way to deal with her young childs behaviour?
Likely because she is not all that interested
A young boy who is so desperate for attention, he will do almost anything to get it.
Including bad behaviour which the mother then reinforces by paying attention to him when he "acts up" and ignoring him when he does virtually anything else. "Don't bug me kid"

And the cop, the police officer. Is this an appropriate action on his part? Is this the way that small unruly children should be handled? By the police? To be manhandled? To have a two-hundred pound cop kneeling, one knee on a small child? I did not get the impression the officer was being malicous. Yet, I felt his actions were seriously questionable.

To say this disturbed me, was an understatement. I think, did I do the right thing? Should I have stopped? Asked what was going on? I don't know? I feel like I let this little kid down.

I question why a parent would do this?
I question the actions of the officer in subduing this small child in this manner?
I thought about how intimidated this small child must feel. But not only initimidated, how angry, hurt and betrayed he would feel.

And, I question my own actions.

This was a really shitty scene.


  1. Ayah. Sounds like the mother didn't have any idea of how to be a mother and the cop didn't have any idea of how to be a cop. And between 'em the kid is going to grow up being just as clueless.

    I'm glad I wasn't there. I probably would have told them that. And I probably would've gotten arrested. Or maybe that's just me daydreaming. Who the hell knows? Nastiness.

  2. I remember a time when cops were indeed part of the community, Yuh know the beat cop making his rounds,with a friendly word to the shopkeepers and others in the community, you know the ones , the ones that actually paid his wages.

    The patrol cop pulling someone over who had had a Wee tad to much to drink told him to park the car and then offered to give him a ride home.

    Those days however are long gone, now what we have is nothing more than Goons dressed in their para military bullet proof suits bristling with guns, tazers and assorted weapons of civil deconstruction.
    These are no longer people to be respected, but rather to be looked down upon and seen for what they really are, common street thugs who couldn't have made a life for themselves in the real world so instead of being put on welfare they have been given guns and a badge. Just look at the mean I.Q of the police force, if the number falls somewhere between their hat size and the number of years they spent in school they qualify. Sad sad Sad.

  3. Overall, today, one word comes to my mind. Sad.

    As in, what a sad state of affairs.

    The mother who would resort to this.
    The cop who was likely thinking, he would "put a little fear" in the kid.
    As the mother was no doubt hoping.

    But isn't it twisted to intentionally inflict that type of fear in a child, and I could hear it in the screams. The fear.

    And me?

    I still today am second guessing myself.

  4. That's a sad story Pen.

    Clearly this kid hasn't got much of a chance.

    At least the cop didn't taser the little tyke.

    I'm with Nobody on this one - it's a good thing I wasn't there as my big mouth would of likely go me arrested too.

    Sick sad world. :(

  5. hey maggie;

    clearly the kid doesn't have much of a chance.

    that's for sure.