Sunday, November 30, 2008

The "powerful" ISI ?

Despite the MSM references to the ISI as "powerful" in the most recent circumstances. The past history indicates that the ISI is subservient to the US. I highly doubt that has changed. An interesting read on the all powerful ISI:

There is little doubt that the entire intelligence and security system in Pakistan needs revamping, but not the way the Americans want it

Saturday, October 04, 2008

After a series of accusations against Pakistan’s premier intelligence organisation, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), we recently had another demand from the US, that it be restructured. Before addressing this issue, it is necessary to briefly review the recent history of the ISI to understand the reasons for the accusations and the demands that followed.

During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the CIA worked hand in glove with the ISI, funnelling billions of dollars in cash and munitions of war. After the Soviet withdrawal, followed by the US abandonment of Afghanistan, the ISI had no control over the anarchical events that ensued, until the Taliban entered the affray in 1994, bringing some sort of peace in their wake. At least until 1996, when they fell under the influence of Osama bin Laden. However, the ISI’s influence on the Taliban continued till 9/11.

Throughout this period, including that of the Taliban, the CIA continued close collaboration with the ISI, often referring to the ISI as ‘among the most efficient and well organised intelligence organisations in the world’ and as ‘our closest and most reliable partner’. In private, it went so far as to acknowledge that it (CIA) received greater cooperation from the ISI than it did from Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.
Now, ask yourself, why would the US even dare to DEMAND change from such a "powerful" intelligence agency? Unless, the intelligence agency is compliant?

US, UK, Israel ramp up intelligence aid to India

This article is an interesting read also.
Interesting in that, when the Mumbai attack took place, these were the countries that simply had to be involved in the false flag attack.
I bolded them for you.

WASHINGTON: Unprecedented intelligence cooperation involving investigating agencies and spy outfits of India, United States, United Kingdom and Israel has got underway to crack the method and motive behind the Mumbai terrorist massacre, now widely blamed on Islamist radicals who appeared to have all four countries on their hit list when they arrived on the shores of India.
Isn't that a bunch of bunkem? Like there has never been intelligence cooperation between these countries before?
Oh yeah, the Afghan/ Soviet war!

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