Monday, November 24, 2008

How capitalist corporatism has led us to the edge of the abyss.

And corporations in cahoots with government are not going to come up with the solutions. They are not going to bring change. Only we will, only people will. Anyway.......

Two different but really interesting articles. Somehow they seem to work well together. Despite there differences, there are similarities. Both from the Multinational Monitor.
Give them a read. What do you think?

The System Implodes: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

But we’ve never had a year like 2008.

The financial crisis first gripping Wall Street and now spreading rapidly throughout the world is, in many ways, emblematic of the worst of the corporate-dominated political and economic system that we aim to expose with our annual 10 Worst list.

Here is how it was done....

Improper political influence: Deregulation and non-enforcement: Short-term thinking: Financialization: Profit over social use: Externalized costs

In the article each on of these points are explained.

Then onto the corporations, which corporations and why are they on the annual top ten list?

Moving along to the "Carbon Market". Carbon Market Fundamentalism

The World Bank plays a most interesting role in this fiasco. I'll leave the reading to you.

The article ends like this......

Tom Picken, the Head of International Climate for Friends of the Earth-UK, puts it this way: “It is absolutely clear that there is no ‘spare’ [carbon dioxide] ‘in the system’ and therefore no ‘spare’ [carbon dioxide] to trade. If there is no spare [carbon dioxide] to trade, then this poses a pretty fundamental challenge to the means available to achieve emissions reductions — that there cannot be any more offsetting of any form. To do so is downright dangerous, in my view, and seems to me to be based on neoliberal economic fundamentalism rather than being environmentally and socially informed.”

Thank-you Tom Picken, you hit the nail on the head.


  1. buy land
    buy seeds
    buy you own defence

    and chickens

    perhaps a goat.

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