Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Canada’s prince of darkness assumes leadership of the Liberal Party

by John Chuckman

Great article on Michael Ignatieff.

I'll cut to the chase, the summary at the end is the best.

Here is one Toronto newspaper columnist’s description of Ignatieff’s efforts about three years ago: “And snookering one potential opponent, name of Shwec, on the grounds that he wasn’t a party member, although he’d paid his dues, and another, name of Chyczij, who also happens to be the association president, on the grounds that he hadn’t resigned the presidency when he filed. Not to mention locking the office door ahead of the deadline so they couldn’t file in time.”

It sounds a great deal like politics in Richard J. Daley’s Chicago or President Mubarak’s Egypt.

He told his constituents he would live in the riding, a suburb of modest homes, but instead lives far away in an upper-class condo district, claiming to be “a subway ride away,” less than true and certainly not the same thing as living among those he represents.

Arrogance comes with the territory of national leadership, but there is a limit as to what is palatable, and Ignatieff exceeds that limit. He spent most of his adult life in other countries, serving interests often inimical to those of Canada. He has three years of political experience, no organizational experience, no policy experience in foreign or domestic affairs. But he has a name, and some of our political insiders have tripped over themselves to thrust him forward.

But he is aggressive, arrogant, and has demonstrated Machiavellian skills. I see him as a divisive and anti-democratic figure, much as Stephen Harper.

What a poor choice is left to the people of Canada for the next election. I’ll be throwing my vote to the Greens.
Indeed another poor choice for Canadians. As if Harper wasn't cold, ruthless and evil enough.
Now Canadians get the evil twin!


  1. Have you read any of Ignatieff's writings? The few I have attempted seemed far too verbose and at times contradictory.

    I get the feeling that Canadians have had an 'Obama' pulled on them, and that while Harper is certainly not my idea of a great prime minister - running into the arms of Ignatieff is passing through the gates of Hell and wandering down the road.

    Those pulling the strings of both parties must be smiling.

    Whatever happens Canadians would be best served by another minority government, whether it be a 'Liberal' or 'Conservative' one.

    It's a nightmare alright.

  2. hey maggie , no I haven't read any of his writing.

    God almighty I feel the same way, we are getting the Obama treatment.

    We are being presented with the smooth talking, liberal intellectual , since Canada is largely progressive... it is like being handed the wolf in sheeps clothing.
    BUT, we will get the same old, same old, it will just come with sweet talk to sugar coat everything.

  3. Indeed Penny.

    Here is an article from McLeans in 2003.

    Canadians would do well to recall that Ignatieff was in full support of the Iraq Invasion. He sites the WMD lies and swallowed them HOOK, LINE and SINKER. I think it's quite clear who his fealty is owed too.

    "But Ignatieff isn't shaken. No matter what turns up, or doesn't, he says Washington's sense of urgency over chemical, biological or nuclear weapons was genuine. "It is ideological claptrap to suppose that the Bush administration made up the risk. Saddam has been a security threat in the Gulf for 20 years. His desire to acquire these weapons was unquestionable; there isn't a serious analyst who doesn't think he'd wanted to have them." And in the post-Sept. 11 era, Ignatieff argues, it was too much to ask the Americans to live indefinitely with even a slight risk that Iraq's illicit arsenal might be made available to terrorists."

    And here, is some spectacular kissing up by Ignatieff:

    "Thanks to the Canada Israel committee, I visited Israel last November travelling north to the border with Lebanon, to see for myself the Hezbollah flags across the border and the continued threat that Hezbollah poses to Israel`s security."

    "Canada can never remain neutral between Israel and those enemies Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran who deny Israel's right to exist, deny the Holocaust and seek her destruction"

    "I don't need to be reminded that Iran is a clear and present danger to the state of Israel and you don't need to worry whether a Dion government, a Liberal government, will stand firm against the rising threat from Iran. We will stand firm."

    "Our party will never support one-sided condemnations of Israel in the UN. The UN resolution on Zionism as racism was a disgrace. Those who compare Israel to apartheid South Africa don't know what they are talking about. Canada should take no part in human rights conferences that single out Israel for condemnation and ignore the human rights abuses of others."

  4. Ho hum, and you were expecting? Did you really think those who really hold the reins of power in this country did not plan this whole non-confidence joke from the very beginning?

    Now not only do we have the Jew loving Harper but we also have the Israel fist sock puppet Ignatieff to lead us down the road to perdition. Oh happy day.

    Right from the get go it’s been a heads the Jews win and tails the People of Canada lose. Same story everywhere, same shithole little bunch playing dentist same tooth being pulled , well Goddamit I’m tired of paying for a root canal that I don’t bloody well want or need.

    I’m just glad as hell that soon me and mine will be out of this shit race.