Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr Donald Miller interviewed by Meria Heller

oh and one more thing, maggie this may interest you, though I will exclude no one from this.

Heard this interesting interview on Vitamin D3, particularly relevant to those of us in the northern climes. Canada, Northern US, across the ocean England, etc., above the 34th parallel. ( i hope I am getting that right)

The show is available here, for at least a week: Meria Heller and Dr. Donald Miller

The link to his website Dr. Donald Miller

Some people may recognize his work from Lew Rockwell.

In this interview they discuss the benefits of Vitamin D3, in disease prevention. Multiple Sclerosis in the northern climates, tuberculosis and the benefits in taking this vitamin to prevent the flu versus of course big pharma's toxic flu shot. Did you know it has anti-freeze in it? Besides mercury and formaldehyde. Flu shot links to alzheimers. Lots of really good information in this interview.
Give a listen and share your thoughts.

Just caught a related news story:
Study suggests half-dose flu shots adequate for healthy adults, especially women

Now, is anyone besides me wondering.... were the flu shots in the dose they have been given all this time, really necessary or just overkill?


  1. Flu shots, schmue shots - no thanks!

    The only time I ever got one, years ago, was the sickest I have ever been with the flu. Not to mention being unable to use my arm since it hurt for days afterwards.

    I'll take my chances thanks, eat well, exercise, rest - keep the body healthy.

    Ta for the Meria link - I'll give it a listen. I tend to agree with the old addage: Shit in, shit out.


  2. I'm trying colloidal silver. I don't believe its dangerous and I believe it will work.

    I take about 5000 milligrams of D per day. If you get the flu, Dr Mercola says take 1 GRAM per day per POUND of body weight.