Monday, December 1, 2008

Flashback: US/India Nuclear Deal. Why?

Sometimes, to understand the future one must look back.
So let's recall a relevant news story, relevant to the Mumbai incident, and the potential downfall of Pakistan.

Congress approves U.S.-India nuclear deal
Supporters say :The trade agreement would give the U.S. a strategic partner in a volatile region.

Critics say: by rewarding a country that ignored international nonproliferation efforts, the deal will make it harder for world powers to contain the spread of nuclear weapons

Sen. Byron L. Dorgan (D-N.D.) said, " This message is: You can misuse American nuclear technology and secretly develop nuclear weapons, you can build a nuclear arsenal in defiance of the United Nations resolutions, and you will be welcomed as someone exhibiting good behavior with an agreement with the United States of America. . . . What message does that send to others who want to join the nuclear club?"

Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.) said : there were "compelling geopolitical reasons" to approve the bill, mentioning India's location near China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Administration officials increasingly see India as a key to its growing difficulties battling Islamic militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan. India has increasing economic and diplomatic clout in Afghanistan.

Or this story:
China threat behind US N-deal with India: Brajesh Mishra

More than a month after India wrapped up its nuclear deal with the US, former national security advisor Brajesh Mishra on Tuesday said the perceived threat from China to US interests in Asia prompted Washington to offer the deal to New Delhi in 2005.

"A broad strategic understanding was reached in Washington on how India and ASEAN could be co-opted to contain China,” Mishra.

"The objective was the same: to retain US preeminence in the region at all costs,” said Mishra, an influential Vajpayee aide.“The deal will be a plus point in the India-US relations. But its strategic implications involves China,” he said.

And what to make of the Mumbai attacks, and President elect Obama?

“The deal is done and the US (under Obama) is not going to go back on it,” he said.

Yes, they will be fully committed to India's security, that includes Obama.

Arming India to the teeth ? All the better to keep China in check, my pretties, all the better.


  1. I was wondering if anyone was going to mention China in relation to all this hooplah going on.

    And yes, I recall this nuke deal between the US and India. More hypocrisy laid bare, so to say.

    So, rounding things up who has benefitted from all this craziness? India certainly, the US and her PIC Israel as well. And, oddly it kills two birds with one stone - solidifies India and the US/IS relationship wrt China, and of course puts Pakistan in the crosshairs to continue this war on Islam, errr I mean 'Terror'.

    Who is making money? Arms dealers and banks... as usual.

  2. I certainly haven't noticed the msm noting china in this mess.
    How the strengthening of India with arms, weapons, and US solidarity helps to keep China in check.

    Wondering what China is thinking of all this?

    I recall an interview with a Pakistani writer, some time ago, how he felt, that the US wanted Pakistan out of the picture

    I think it was Abid Ullah Jan

    Meria interviewed him, on the book
    BCCI to ISI The Saga of Entrapment continues.

    I have the book, and should refresh my memory, going on recall he now seems to be a prophet.

  3. Pen, I'd eat my hat if anyone in the msm mentioned anything in context these days.

    Let's face it - the 'elites' are certainly right about one thing: Most people are sheep, most people don't care and are too dumbed down to even formulate a question. In this regard the term of useless eater is BANG ON.