Friday, December 5, 2008

Foreign Espionage uncovered in Canada

Curiouser and Curiouser???

Financial intelligence uncovers foreign espionage in Canada

No specific names mentioned.
But, a concern for China is mentioned?
It isn't China. Or the vilification would be over the top.
Who is it then?
Is it a country allied with Canada? Hence, no name.
Or is this a bunch of bullshit, to justify some kind of reaction?

An unnamed foreign government has been orchestrating espionage activities in Canada over the past year, according to a report tabled in Parliament Thursday.

The annual report of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada — a little-known federal agency that collects financial intelligence — says a number of individuals were suspected of circumventing Canadian export controls through companies operating in Canada and abroad.

The individuals were said to be shipping restricted materials in a way that indicated they were trying to avoid being detected.

FINTRAC's report also pointed to millions of dollars worth of "suspicious financial transactions associated with the individuals and companies." More than $35 million in transactions were made between 2002 and 2007, many of them electronic funds transfers.

"These had been ordered, through local banks, from a company located in the foreign country, to one of the companies in Canada reported to be involved in the purchase of industrial machinery," the 34-page report read.

FINTRAC didn't identify the individuals or country involved, or if the investigation led to any arrests. It noted in its report that espionage is not on the decline and, in fact, has increased in some cases.

In case your wondering who the heck FINTRAC is, check'em out.
Little known is right, this is the first I have ever heard of them.


  1. LOL

    "He who shall not be named"

    Let's all take a guess shall we? A case of good old fashioned jellybeans for first prize!


  2. Surely not Patagonia, Please tell me it ain't so.

  3. No...

    But good guess!

    That warrents at least one jellybean for originality... uh looking aside the fact that Patagonia is a region and not a country... but never mind.

    Heck two jellybeans for you! ;)

    Though I have heard that it is certainly a 'Simply Lovely Country'.