Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How U.S. controls Canadian isotope supply

Well isn't this interesting? Is this just another "benefit" to Canada of that "Free Trade" (bullshit) agreement

OTTAWA -- The U.S. distributors??? of medical isotopes produced at an Ontario reactor cut supplies to all of their customers - including those in Canada - after the unit was shut down for an extended period last week.

Canadian nuclear medicine experts and their patients had to reschedule appointments and turn to less effective procedures even though, in the face of the shutdown, the Chalk River reactor produced more than six times the amount of molybdenum isotope needed to meet the Canadian demand.

So the US distributors of medical isotopes made in Canada are denied Canadians?

"While the reactor at Chalk River produces isotopes, it is private-sector processors and distributors that ultimately direct the flow of isotopes to the global medical community."

wait , it gets better......

The Chalk River unit is owned by the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., a Crown corporation. It was built in the 1950s and, despite its age, is responsible for much of the world's supply of isotopes used to diagnose and treat of a range of diseases from heart ailments to cancer.

Ok, so lets get this straight, the isotopes produced in Canada, by a Crown Corporation (tax payers built and owned) are then distributed by an American company , which denies Canadians the amount needed for medical treatment ????

Anyone see a problem with this picture?


  1. The sooner that Canadians wake up to the fact that we are NOT a soveriegn country (if we ever were) the better.

    Here's another question:

    What DO we as Canadians actually own???

  2. I tell my husband were just a branch plant to the US, poor guys gets so pissed off.
    I know it, but don't say it!
    he always says.....

  3. Instead of railing against the shortage of Molybdenum-99m perhaps the globe and mail reporter should be more concerned if indeed there had been a shortage of Technetium-99m.
    Whilst it is true that the Chalk River plant produces Molybdenum-99m it is never used for diagnostic purposes, but rather hospitals use it to produce Technetium-99m in house.As a matter of fact any radiology lab worth it's salt can produce Molybdenum-99m in house from Molybdenum disulfide which is NOT in short supply as it has been used as a lubricant for several hundreds of years in place of graphite.

    Not poking any holes here just saying.

  4. ok, then why don't the hospitals do that is this like some kind of monopoly deal, or restricted because of free trade?