Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mercury, Mmmm Mmmm good for you and your baby too!

After a stunning reversal on melamine???

Not to mention the fact that it is a-ok for infants to consume Bisphenol-A ??

The FDA shows it's true colours yet again, or to put it another way the FDA makes it clear who's interests they serve. Not clear enough? The FDA doesn't give a dam about you, me, or any living human being. They serve different masters.

There latest appalling move?
Mercury is good for you, yes, yes it is!!!

In a truly astonishing betrayal of public safety (even for the FDA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today revoked its warning about mercury in fish, saying that eating mercury-contaminated fish no longer poses any health threat to children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants.

Your asking why , why would the FDA resort to such evil, and dangerous stupidity?

You want to know the REAL reason the FDA is easing up on its warning about mercury in fish? It's because the agency is being relentlessly pounded over two related issues: Mercury in dental fillings and mercury preservatives in vaccines. And the FDA can't keep up its lie about the "safety" of vaccines and mercury fillings if it has already declared mercury to be dangerous in fish, right?

To the criminal minds running the FDA, the clever solution is to revoke the warning about mercury in fish. Thus, the FDA takes the position that all mercury is safe, and suddenly they're off the hook on mercury fillings and thimerosal in vaccines.
Incredible, isn't it! In one swoop all mercury is safe. In flu shots, in your dental fillings, and in fish. It is all good!

Read all about mercury poisoning here.


  1. As a BTW, are you familiar with Minimata (Kyushu, Japan) and the famous photos of Eugene Smith? After that, you'd think, 'Never again'.

    But who can remember as far back as 30 years ago? Ancient history!

  2. thanks for the comment nobody, and no I was not familiar with Minimata and have been doing some reading on it.

    It will infact be the subject of an upcoming post and will include a picture by Eugene Smith

    From what I have read thus far..disgraceful