Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Canada, wtf ?

Such excitement as of late in staid Canada!
What a crisis!

I ask myself , why? Why now?

There was just an election (like the US).
Stephen Harper was given another minority government.
The message from the Canadian people was quite clear, cooperate with the other parties, work together.This was certainly not the message the Harper government wanted, but, it was the one they got!

So what happened,

The crisis was sparked Nov. 27 when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty presented a fiscal update that included cuts to funding for political parties, limited civil servants’ right to strike and failed to offer a stimulus package to spur economic growth.
This after everyone agree to cooperate? With such tough economic times ongoing?

Instead of working together as he had promised, taking heed of the message Canadians had clearly delivered, here was PM Harper carrying a big stick and whacking the hornets nest.
He knows he can wipe out the opposition parties with the financing cuts, he knows he is not going to get an agreement on the right to strike, but hell, whack, whack whack!

The oppostion forms a coalition. They want to bring down the minority government, the government that can't & won't cooperate.
There are NDP meetings listened in on, which Conservatives leak details of
:NDP ask RCMP to track tape

Shouts of treason emanate from the Conservative camp.
Why treason? Because the Liberals and NDP brough the Bloq in on the deal.
TREASON, shout the conservatives, "in bed with the separatists!"
But wait...... it seems the Conservatives had already been in bed with the seperatists, not once but TWICE !
In 2000 and in 2004

The Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday that well-known Calgary lawyer Gerry Chipeur, who identified himself as an associate of Day's and the now-defunct Alliance, sent a written offer to the Bloc and Joe Clark's Progressive Conservatives before the votes were counted on election day on Nov. 27, 2000.

Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe held up the letter during Wednesday's question period while grilling the former Alliance leader over the alleged plan, as well as over the Conservatives' apparent willingness to form a coalition with the separatist party in 2004.

Treason? Not when the Conservatives bed the "Seperatists"
But, treason if anyone else does it.
Hmm, it could be jealousy?!

Today, the saga comes to a temporary end: The government has been prorogued
GG agrees to suspend Parliament until January
This is what Harper had requested.

I am uncertain if the coalition was a good idea. I am still out on that one.
But from where I am sitting, PM Harper did this intentionally. He has alot of money to play with and he intends to use it. Look for a ramping up of advertising. As Canadians have already seen during this crisis of government.

This man is up to no good.
He was not happy with the minority and it looks as if he will do what it takes to get a majority.

Which begs the question, what is it that Stephen Harper wants to get done as Prime Minister that he needs a majority government to accomplish?

It has got to be unsavoury, very unsavoury.


  1. Until the end of January, it's unclear who's in charge either north or south of the border. That's an interesting little coincidence, no?

  2. I recall reading about Harper saying that he only wanted one term.

    We are in serious trouble if this coalition takes over. It will be the Senator from Manchuria that starts dictating environmental policy and our socialists (NDP/Liberal) will be in lockstep.

    I think Harper may be protecting us from these enviro-NAZI's.

  3. hey psychegram!

    yes it is an interesting coincidence.
    hmmmm..........very interesting.

    Obama becomes President Jan 2oth, and parliament is prorogued allegedly until budget delivered Jan 27th.

    It is interesting to note, Jim Flaherty is delivering the budget one month earlier then usual, January instead of February
    headlines such as "Tories opt for early budget"

  4. doug:

    doesn't harper support cap and trade?

    I think he does. I recall reading that somewhere.

  5. Canadians are usually quite apathetic wrt their government. Even the last election, while certainly ticking folk off, never got anyone's knickers in knot and we ended up with another minority - IOW Canadians felt fine with the situation as it was.

    But that wasn't good enough. Canadians weren't living in fear, fear of the economy, fear of war and terror - we just weren't scared enough.

    Enter the 'coalition'. Add the economic crisis worldwide, toss in some of that good old fashioned separatism and they (all politicians) finally have the populace where they want them: confused, angry and wanting to point fingers.

    Sad thing is - no one is pointing the fingers in the right direction. All parties are guilty of the same bloody thing - not listening to the people and answering only to their own bankrollers and corporate masters.

    Time to toss the WHOLE lot of them out on their kiesters.

    This whole thing has the stench of co-operative conniving - between ALL party lines.

  6. Canadians are not so much apathetic as just plain pathetic in their regard to their government.
    My grandfather used to tell us that things could get very bad here very bad indeed if we didn’t keep a very close eye on those who we supposedly elected. When people told him but this is Canada and the things of which you speak don’t happen here, he would just knod and say that perhaps we had never experienced the great depression of the 30’s that not only effected north America but Europe as well. In this he would say that perhaps we had the excuse of ignorance but those who lived through it had NO excuse.

    I learned well just how bad things can get as my Grandfather was a wonderful teacher. He would tell me how Germany was before the last war when the money lenders were in charge and what they did to that once great nation.

    Most people are not aware of what the inflation rate was in Germany prior to the second world war and when told that it was 4 billion Deutch marks to one British pound one is met with the typical glassy eyed stare, as if to say “ what’s that got to do with me?” Well it has everything to do with you and as my Granddad used to tell us “it has happened before and it will happen again”. The money lenders will use you and rape you until there is nothing left as they did in Germany, then they will run and count that which they have stolen. and will return only after people have forgotten . He would say that people only remember for perhaps 50 years or so and then the SAME mistakes are made all over again. He was right.

    When we would say but Granddad we have much land as well as a successful machining business what have we to fear? He would then ask us what will you do, when the money is worth nothing and the people can’t afford to buy that which you grow, or pay for that which you machine. What will you do when the tax man knocks at your door and demands payment and rest assured the taxman will not take IOU’s, he will take your land and all that You have worked for and he will take your life.

    His answer was to buy gold, every last cent we had to spare went into gold, starting at $27.00 an ounce. It was very good advice and as he said when you dangle gold in front of their hooked noses, they will at least respect you.

    Well due to our apathetic and ho hum attitude it seems that the moneylenders are back for their pound of flesh, not that they ever really left, We’ve just been to lazy to notice the wolf at the door.